≪ Korean drama NOW≫ “Insider” Episode 10, Kang Haneul enters the rumored casino = audience rating 2.9%, synopsis / spoiler

≪ Korean drama NOW≫ “Insider” Episode 10, Kang Haneul enters the rumored casino = audience rating 2.9%, synopsis / spoiler

≪ Korean drama NOW≫ “Insider” Episode 10, Kang Haneul enters the rumor casino = 2.9%audience rating, a synopsis / spoiler (image provision: Wowkorea)

* Synopsis and spoilers are included.

The 10 episodes of the JTBC drama “Insider” broadcast on the 7th (2.9%of the audience rating) depicted Johan (Kang Hanul) in the Goldman Casino.

Johan and Soo -young (Lee Young) learned that Dale, who died, had come to help Sangi (O -Tae -gyeong) in the past. While he began rationally doubt whether he was Sungo (Kang Yong -seok), Johan had performed his second mission from Won -Song -sing with Bonchol (Hong Song -Jun).

Johan, who played a game against the skin’s financial directors and the equity rights with the pseudonym “Ku -sensei”, took the right to the victory. The clerk gathered under the name of Johan has moved to a company called Dosan Holdings. It was a Wonbon plan to regain the skinnation and the goldman casino. Johan has won consecutive victories as desired by Wonbon and succeeded in collecting more than half of the skinnations.

He said that the power of the goldman casino came out of the back money instead of a casino. The person who manages this back money was the manager of the casino. As a result, Songo’s strategy in the past had a back money while Jun (Ho Dong Won) was in the VIP room on the day of The Skinnation. This was also drawn by Wonbon. However, the VIP room was a place that could not be entered without an invitation. Jun, who was jealous of Johan and Soo -yeon’s relationship, used Seung -hwan (Choi Defun) and Usan (Yoon Bung -hee) on purpose. After hearing Johan’s invitation, Wonbon instructed Songo to bring the goldman casino back money.

The listing of The skinnation was successful. The real festival was next. The entrepreneurs moved to the Goldman Casino’s VIP room and began to enjoy the game. Meanwhile, Johann’s game was sitting in a person, including Sokhon and Soshi. Johan has won this time, but Jun only watched without any sanctions. In fact, I was thinking of killing Johann here, and I gave other VIPs to the quality. After that, Jun joined Johann’s game site with Sooyoung. Jun, who saw Johan and So -yeon, who pretended to meet for the first time, began to get angry. He took the game with his thoughts, but he was inevitable for Johan’s 바카라사이트/a> success. Jun was convinced that someone was working with Johan. But Soo -young is just saying hold, and Sokhon and Soshi, who already knew the plan, could not help Johan.

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