“5S-4200MA LIPO check (remember)”

I bought it 6 years ago instead of a new LIPO, and used it for F-4 and A-1, but maybe 70 times

I think it has crossed, and I flew in A-1 about half, and A-1 is not a harsh use.

At most about 70A, it is a normal usage for the battery.

I checked if it could be used including the battery capacity and power with the F-4 that I haven’t skipped for a while.

First of all, 4200mA from the state of the sky to the full charge?

The balance voltage was only about 3600mA for about 40 minutes for 6A charging in 5s, and the charging capacity was only about 3600 mA.

After confirming, there is a difference of 0.06V of 4 & 5 cells, there is a small heat, and it may be a little bit of a bitter.

Let’s measure the thrust and current consumption with this, and it looks like this in the room

Results (as usual, we eat stupid, usually use throttle adjustment in 75%)

Still thrust: 2.3kg current consumption: 114A throttle adjustment: 75 %

Still thrust: 2.8kg current consumption: 147A throttle adjustment: 100 %

Although it was a little bit of the second half, both the thrust and current consumption were 10%down, so the total weight was 2.7kg.

If the throttle adjustment is 100%, the thrust ratio is 1.0 or more 6-7 seconds.

After measurement, measure the fever status (it was quite hot at room temperature 32 ° C)

Battery: 55 ° C motor: 51 ° C ESC (100AX2): 53 ℃

It looks a little harsh in summer, and you can go in other seasons.

By the way, the retract is sometimes unpleasant for a long time, and the cause is understood.

Limit switches and before the push type will come off from the board if you press too much.

The after -sales, a seesaw -type and Chinese products that are not too much, have been improved and have been steadily improved.

It is improved by the push -down ceremony of both ends of the substrate, and it is too pressed to break.

This time, I purchased FW, the mounting holes are perfect, and Kankan.


It is charged from the sub -battery of the 슬롯머신 car, but it starts 370Wh

Consumes 441Wh at the end of charging, 71Wh (5.4Ah) for one charge, sub -battery for skin calculation

Because it is 1520Wh of capacity, it is possible 21 times, but it is usually about 2-3 times.

After all, if you have a sub -battery, it can be used in various places and it is very convenient.

a little while ago

The day I went to Tennoji

Tsu, finally

I guess it’s been two years since I started saying it. smile

Birthday → “I don’t have to be now”

Christmas → “Eventually”

Birthday → “I don’t want to get crowded now”

Christmas → “I can use it enough now”

If you repeat

“I’m sorry, buy!”

Daddy lol

Go to see the other day! If you go

I happened to like it, but I met …

I bought it ♩


I’m completely in love at first sight

The color is so cute

Because the slim wallet was good

I also like this compactness

Before going to see Loewe

I went to see Bottega …

Inside me

“Speaking of Loewe, 사설홀덤 grandmother”

If you look at Loewe

She comes to mind with her grandmother

So, this time I decided on Loewe

Every time I see this logo, remember her grandmother

I’m happy and happy … ♩


The box cannot be thrown away. smile

It’s an object lol

Don’t decorate the box if your grandmother can see it!

It seems that it will be said that

By the way, so far