“Bandyo” after a long absence

“Bandyo” after a long absence

One week ago, I visited Ebisu, Ebisu Shrine, a nearby Ebisu Shrine.

I go to Fukusasa every year, but after 4 o’clock, there are few people.

However, in the daytime, there were no rice cakes, but many worshipers seemed to be crowded.

The Fuku doll (Okame), which had been decorated before, bowed that he had his head on a futon.

Sayuri -chan is always this pose if he notices.

I wonder if my breath is not painful …

On weekends, we have been reserved for the New Year’s party since last year with three good friends.

Every house went out with excitement on days when dinner was unnecessary.

Of course, a recommended store for Corona countermeasures.

My husband is from Amami, and the beautiful landlady always welcomes me in a kimono.

Here, of course, the dishes are wonderful, but the tiger of the zodiac sitting is Baccarat.

Since it is mid -January, the clause is in a small bowl.

First of all, toast, “Thank you again this year.”

“Delicious, I like the table.”

How much kumquat you entered was Miyazaki -produced kinkan, which had a cocktail before Christmas.

Gaburi and sesame tofu are also easy to drink.

Saikyo -yaki is a good taste that has a refreshing richness.

I don’t 바카라카지노 really like the simmered gori, so just one.

Fugu porridge and rice grain are clear and delicious.

If you ask that you are washing rice with running water, we use cooking.

Indeed, it was convincing, but at the last fruit, I was a stomach tan.

It used to be a gluttony, but the annual wave? I can’t eat the amount.

Age and different occupation are three.

I go to a dinner party and a petit trip that also serves as a pa roll.

“This year is a good year, thank you.”

Finally, the call at idol live has been lifted one after another!

For more than 2 years due to the influence of the new colon virus

Idol, which has been restricted from the idol’s real pleasure, has revived.

Until now, it was a situation where I could only call the underground idol live.

It seems that the way of facing the corona evil and the spread of vaccines have made easier movements.

Click here for the call list

Introducing the idols who lifted the call.

Maneki Kececha

Maneki lifted the call at “Maneki Kececha Call Knight ♡” held on May 18.

All seats were designated and masked+face shield was underway.

It should have been the best live for Otaku, who has put up with calls so far.

It will be the last call with the last call for Misakura Fukase, who leaves the group on May 22

Wouldn’t the fans be able to make the flowers for the voice?

Speaking of the call of Maneki Kececha, it’s not a joke.

The chaos MIX from the Gachi Koiguchi after a long time is a masterpiece.

Pure white canvas

White cans will be held on July 9 at Yamanashi and Kawaguchi Lake Stella Theater

The call will be lifted at the one -man live “Pure White Canvas Free Live 2022 Summer”.

Sometimes it’s a live show in the outdoors

Because the risk of infection can be significantly reduced

It seems that you can participate with relatively confidence.

The real pleasure of white can is call.

The white can, which has been sealed off the real pleasure, continues to work without losing Corona.

It is a miracle that it was not dissolved until this time when the live with a call is possible.

On the day 카지노사이트 of the live, you will see a picture of a member of Azusa Onodera crying.

There is no doubt that the variable triple MIX in Shout will resonate with Lake Kawaguchi.

Momoiro Clover Z

Momokuro will be held at TOKYO GARDEN THEATER on July 18

Ayaka Sasaki’s solo concert “AYAKA NATION 2022” is said to be lifted.

It was found from Akira Kawakami’s remarks on today’s alone.

The first person who accelerated the idol’s call and MIX culture would definitely be black.

I think that the cracks of Kuro’s calls will change the situation in the entire idol industry.

In Aurin’s solo controller, the voice of “Hey! Saiki!”


The idol industry, which had been seen as an end, has come to see signs of revival.

Still, as long as the corona evil continues

There is no doubt that everything will be painful,

I hope that the idols will be fine with the cheering of Otaku.

I want you to continue to be a piebowiper.


“Idol DD brother” likes calls rather than idols.

I want to earn an online casino and hold an idol festival.