“Black Cat Slot” Birth! ? Lol “Fever no matter where you stop” (Maido News)

I got a ridiculous photo again …

-It’s a wonderful “black cat slot”. When was this shot? “When Abbey was sitting properly, I tried to take a picture, and when I tried to take a picture, it suddenly moved, and it became such a picture. However, I thought I was able to take a ridiculous photo again. “Yes. Abbey is a child who moves well and is a good child. If you play with toys alone, you are bouncing like a super ball. Because Ronnie cannot take such a picture in Abbey’s senior. , I think Abbey’s movement is special. How do you pick you up …? “The pheasant cat Ronnie is now 4 years old, but I’ve been living together since I was protected on the roadside about two months after birth. Black cat Abbey is about 4 months old, a protected cat group. You have transferred from the person. “Black cat Abbey is 카지노 very scary and hides when a stranger comes. Also, she is very spoiled and sleeps while sticking to the owner. I’m always angry. But I can’t do it at all (laughs). On the other hand, I feel very strong, and I met for the first time …. For example, it is a type that goes to a delivery person and fights. I hate cutting and hospitals, but if you eat your favorite scissors, they will give you nail clippers. All of them are chatting, but Ronnie will reply to the owner, but Abbey is Abbey. It feels like you’re talking alone. ” The owner is an illustrator who is good at cat paintings, and has been posted on blogs on the daily life of Ronnie and Abbey. Immediately, Abbey’s “Black Cat Slot” has also become a wonderful illustration! (Mae Dona News / LMAGA.jp News Special Contract, Hayawa Kana)

■ Woman in Hiding

Deborah came to her husband, Seldan, to a villa. Devora at night ran away by car.

However, the car is crafted and the brakes are not available. The door does not open. The car fell to the valley bottom.

Deborah was safe. The newspaper reported that “my newlywed wife commits suicide.” And $ 5,000 prize money.

Deborah escaped further, but Seldan pursued persistently. A man named Keith approached Debla for $ 5,000.

Appearance: 1950, Director: Michael Gordon, Screenplay: OSCAR SAUL, Original: Fugitive from Terror (James WebB)

■ Introduction

Characters (cast)

Deborah Chandler Clark (Aida Rupino)

John Listel factory management, Deborah’s father

Seldan Clark (Steven McNaline) Factory executive, Deborah’s husband

Patricia Monahan (Peggy Dow)

Keith Ramsey (Howard Duff) clerk

Aida Rupino and Howard Duff get married in 1951. After that, it continued for about 30 years.

■ Synopsis

◆ Deborah and Seldan got married.

Deborah Chandler married Seldan Clark, a factory run by his father, John.

The factory is a large mechanical factory. A large machine is moving inside. The factory has a complicated structure, and crossing corridors are stretched.

Although it is unnecessary, Deborah and Seldan do not seem to do so well.

Deborah comes to the factory and meets Seldan with his father. “Go to New York.” The father handed the check to Deborah.

◆ They go to the villa

Deborah was ready to go home and go out. My father and Selden came.

Selden is detained. But his father seems to understand Deborah.

However, they reconcile. Note, the situation is not explained in detail and will be reconciled suddenly.

They got into the car in the atmosphere of Ravlav and headed to the villa.

◆ Patricia Monahan

I arrived at the villa. When I tried to get inside, a woman came out with a great sword curtain. Patricia Monahan.

I poured Selden. Selden beats back. Deborah was surprised at that situation.

Patricia took out a handgun from the bag. Selden picked up a handgun. Patricia was crying.

Deborah asked Selden but was disgusted.

Deborah entered the room. Selden went back to the car he was riding and came back.

Deborah was trapped in the room alone. I thought for a while in the dark and removed the ring.

◆ Deborah fled but fell from the bridge

Deborah went out gently passing by Selden’s sleeping buckwheat. I got into the car.

But Selden, who should have been sleeping, is looking from behind the curtains.

Deborah runs. It was downhill.

I can’t go on the brake. Desperately turn the handle. The side brakes are not available.

The speed is increasing and increasing. I tried to open the door but was locked.

The car breaked through the bridge’s balustrade and fell to the valley.

◆ Deborah was safe

But Deborah was safe. I’m near the rock.

Selden has arrived. I’m looking for a light. Deborah was hidden.

In the morning, accident treatment is being carried out. Selden has also been asked about the situation.

Deborah was watching the situation on the hill. “This is not an accident,” he muttered. Deborah headed to the town.

◆ A photo of Deborah 더존카지노 came out

Deborah walked to the town. I’m still wearing dirty clothes.

My accident has been reported in the newspaper. “My newlywed wife commits suicide.” Note, no photos are listed.

Shop at the bus terminal stall. There are many police officers.

Then I rented a rental room. Each has a bungalow format.

Deborah was hired by the restaurant for weightless.

Meanwhile, Celden returned to the factory. He handed a picture of Deborah to the reporter and asked for “$ 5,000 for Deborah’s information.” Of course, he emphasizes the attitude of a good husband who has lost his wife.

The $ 5,000 price was published in the newspaper with a photo of Deborah.

After seeing it, Deborah offered to retire and asked him to pay his salary.

◆ I got on the bus

Deborah came to the bus terminal. There are many police officers.

I stopped by the store the other day and went shopping and got on the bus.

Here, the store clerk looked at the newspaper and noticed Deborah and got on the bus. The clerk is Keith Ramsey. Of course, $ 5,000 is the aim.

Keith sat next to Deborah’s aisle.

When the bus departed, the police entered two people. I am checking the passengers one by one.

Deborah is harassment. Suddenly, a customer next to Deborah rampaged and shouted. The police officer arrested him and thanked the passengers.

Deborah moved by the window and Keith sat next to him. The bus departed. Keith spoke to Deborah, worried.

◆ Keith notified Selden

The bus arrived in the middle of the night. Deborah thanked Keith and tried to part, but Keith came. I promised to meet and broke up.

Keith called Selden looking at the phone number written in the magazine.

Deborah met Keith. “Change the plan and find a job here.” Note, but the previous plan is not specified.

They got on the boat. Then I took a walk in the town.

◆ Selden appeared

The festival is being held. Many people crowded. Deborah and Keith were separated by crowds. And there is Celden.

Deborah entered the building avoiding crowds. Then there is no figure inside. I went up the stairs.

But here Selden appeared. Deborah ran away. But I was caught. The door opened here and the festivals came in. Deborah was able to escape from Celden.

◆ Deborah gets on the train

As Selden appears, Deborah changes the plan again and leaves the area. I also told Keith.

I left the hotel with Keith. I came to the station.

Catch a train. Keith also rides off.

I opened the compartment door. There was Selden!

Selden told Keith, “Thank you,” and Deborah knew that Keith was betrayed.

Keith descended and the train departed.

◆ Deborah ran away

The two glare at the compartment. But the power relationship is clear.

The staff came and opened the door. Deborah sought help, but the staff came out with trust in Celden’s words.

Deborah tries to go out, but Selden hinders. Deborah hits Celden’s head with a bottle in his hand.

Deborah opened the door and fled.

The train stopped just for water supply. Deborah got off the train.

Keith appeared there. Devora tried to escape, but Keith apologized.

◆ Deborah was pierced by a handgun

The two were walking in the town. But they broke up.

The car stopped near Deborah. I was riding Patricia at the villa.

Deborah got into the car. The car departed. Keith witnesses it.

The car runs. Patricia’s attitude gradually becomes strange. Deborah wonders, “Did you be deceived?”

The car stopped. Patricia pierced a handgun. The place is in front of the factory.

Deborah came to the office on the second floor of the factory with a handgun. There was Selden.

◆ Deborah ran away

There is no worker at night. Deborah was monitored by them, but ran away after seeing the ski. The two chased.

Escape between many machines. Go up the stairs. Cross the crossing corridor in the air.

Keith came outside the factory. I got inside. Find Deborah.

Deborah was gradually cornered. Deborah was hidden behind the pipe. Patricia ran in front of me.

Selden pierced Deborah. No, Patricia shouted and fell.

◆ Selden has fallen

Keith appeared here. Selden and Keith struggled. Both are strong. Hit each other violently.

Keith is about to fall, but is dangerously caught in the pillars.

The Debla that was looking behind the scenes appeared. Selden was upset when he saw Debla. I recognized that Patricia was pierced earlier.

Surprised Selden fell.

◆ Last

Deborah and Keith are driving on the coast. Both seem to be fun.

■ Appearance work

◆ Howard Duff

(1956) Lipstick murder case/While the City Sleeps

(1956) Island of Flame/FLAME OF THE ISLANDS

(1954) Private Hell 36

(1949) Calamity Jane and Sam Bus/Calamity Jane and Sam Bass

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(1948) Naked town/NAKED CITY

(1950) Escape wife/Woman in Hiding

◆ Steven McNalis

(1952) Fire two pistols/The duel at Silver Creek

(1949) Betrayal Street Horn/Criss Cross

(1950) Winchester gun ’73/Winchester ’73

(1951) Apache drums

(1958) 5 hours of hell/Hell’s five hours

(1953) Nevada Emergency Line/Split Second

(1954) Stopped bullet/A Bullet is Waiting

(1951) A female teacher who lost at the casino/The Lady Pays OFF

(1950) Escape wife/Woman in Hiding

◆ Aida Rupino

(1941) High Sherra/High Sierra

(1941) Living dead body (living dead body)/Ladies in Retirement

(1948) Unexplored area/Lust for Gold

(1952) In a dangerous place/ON DANGEROUS GROUND

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(1935) Love forever/Peter IBBETSON

(1941) Sea wolf/THE SEA WOLF

(1952) A gentle murderer, a man who has a memory/My Lovely

(1956) Lipstick murder case/While the City Sleeps

(1950) Escape wife/Woman in Hiding

Woman in Hiding