Cherokee Indian Village, American history that meets by travel

Behind the US expansion is Indian tears and Han. When the pioneers who are trying to pioneer the wider land and the farms in the southern part are devastated, they are trying to find more oily lands, and they cross the Mississippi River to the west to the west and crash with the Indians who have lived in the ground.

In the 1820s, Americans began to accumulate wealth by defeating the indenmans and taking away the territory, leading Andrew Jackson, who led the Indians, saying, “Indians are like a wolf.” Andrew Jackson becomes the seventh president of the United States. He has several titles, including the first president, the first president from the Democratic Party, the first president from the Democratic Party, and the first president who was elected 13 independent states at the time of the division.

In 1830, the Removal Act was enacted in 1830, with Indians forced to relocate in certain areas in the United States.

For Indians who do not migrate and resist, cruel massacre continues, and eventually the Indians leave the place of life and deport beyond the Mississippi river to the desolate western land. The Indians call this road the Trail of Tears.

The climate and fertile and fertile Tennessee (near the Great Smokey Mountain National Park, which boasts the best number of visitors in the United States), the Ki -ki are the 1,500 km of disease and hunger, and only 1,200 people arrive at their destination. I did it.

Indians, who could not risk their lives even on the path of tears that left to live, lived as long as they were forced to migrate again by the construction of the crossroads.

After the inter -Korean war, due to the increase in manufacturing and the increase in gross national product, the US industry develops remarkable development and requires means to transport abundant goods due to industrial development. Along with the expansion of the economy, railway construction across the continent begins, and the railroad will be placed across the Indian residence. It was a time when cheap labor was needed for railroad construction, and a huge number of Chinese flocked to form a large Chinatown on the western coast. Rather, if the Indians in the area had been able to work and live on the road where the train passed, it would be a vague idea that the history of the Indians might be a bit less painful.

The Americans kill the Indians’ staples at random, threatening the Indian survival base, and forcing them forced to migrate again. The Indians are prepared and upright to resist death, but the last myth that awakens the soul of the Indians, the sitting bull of the hands and tribes, to end up with tears and blood.

There are currently about 310 Indian protection zones in the United States, with only 2.3%of the territory of the United States. One tribe lives in more than one area, and one tribe does not have their own protection. It can exercise very limited sovereignty in this protection area and operate a casino to attract tourists. Without special industrial facilities or infrastructure, tourists continue to live with their hard money.

The Cherokee Indian Village is one of the places where tourists visit a few minutes by car from the Great Smokey Mountain National Park, and that’s why Smokey Mountain is the most proud of the number of visitors. In fact, when I found Smokey Mountain in the autumn maple season, I was 바카라 so busy that it would take less than a minute because the road to Cherokee Village was too blocked. The meal was getting closer, and the stomach was hungry and there was no sign of blocking the road, so I gave up siege and went back to the gratin bug under Smokey Mountain.

The next year, Cherokee Village, such as Cherokee Village, and other villages, the road signs that mark the name and direction of the village were announced that this is Cherokee Village. A little deeper, the souvenir shops selling Indian handicrafts are lined up on the road, and the Indian Museum and Art Museum are visible. The city flowed across the village and there was a blue grass around, so I stopped and headed for a stream.

The water is very clear. Indians do not say goodbye, which means curse and farewell. It is as clear as the clear soul of the Indians that they never curse others.

There is a small tent over the legs, where a couple of Indians sit with the table and sell the Cherokee Folk Zone Tour. For example, you can buy a ticket at the entrance, or you can buy a ticket in a small tent located all over the village. My husband says he’s not interested in Indian villages and will continue to rest at the stream. Since there is no way to force a person who doesn’t like it, I asked my husband to buy only three mothers and daughters and take them by car. I want to go back and go back and rest. As soon as I got out of the place without confirming the location of the property, I realized that I was waiting for a guide in the wrong place.

It was a place where a plausible stage was installed, and because it was a place where my husband drove along the navigation, I sat in a chair that other tourists and guides appeared, but no one appeared in the promised time.

When I bought a ticket at the stream, I wanted to call him because I received the cell phone number of the seller. The call was not easy because of the deep mountains, but after I tried to move around, we found that we were in the wrong place and walked for a long time. My husband is resentful about Cherokee hidden golden calfs, or what he went so urgent.

My husband decided to pick up at the end of the tour, so I had to pick out of two options, whether the tour was going to the village where the tour was going on, and waiting for my husband to pick up.

Already in the morning, his daughter, who has been a lot of stamina with a smokey mountain climbing, was sitting on the bench, but he began to wake up and walk again. The navigation didn’t work, so I had to call it from time to time to check the way. Their village, which arrived so, had already been a long time, and unfortunately the tour we missed was the last tour of the day. We will be refunded and will participate in the last part of the tour. A good Indian grandmother says that even if there is no guide, you can look around the village until it closes. It’s full of regret, but step on their lives one by one.

Although not as much as their lives stained with massacre and persecution, Cherokee Village is a memory of a painful journey to my family. Later, when I heard, my husband left his cell phone in the car and fell asleep in the grass around the stream. While sleeping, he bite his arms on the worm. The bite in the bug did not heal over time, and the birds were not sprouted.

For the first few days, I was kids and my wife, and the tour was good and the tour started well without confirmation. When the wound was not healed, I was a little worried. Eventually, the husband torn off the wounds and had a slightly slipped forearm.

I stopped by the Navaho Indian protection area while traveling in the West. Those who live in the village of Cherokee are the descendants of the Schisi, who survived in the cave despite the forced migration order. Gold was found in the land where they lived, and because of the blessing, they were kicked out.

If they have left the path of tears, most of them live in a hard life where they are dead or there are no place in Navaho’s Indians.

The life of the massacre and immigration in the past, the lives of Indians, who are not still green, is a painful trip. Even though it was not me to deport and slaughter them, I seemed to be sorry and sorry for some reason.

The picture of the title is a painting that expresses the path of tears, so I prayed from Ungyo’s blog. Unfortunately, I don’t know the exact source before that

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