Dr. Lee Hwang: Why does China enforce the Zero Corona policy

China continues its Zero Tolerance policy, the Zero Corona policy. Even if only one person is infected, it blocks the residential complex, blocks the area, and in some cases blocks the entire city. And public opinion is happening around the world. The same is true for Korea.

In the early stages of Corona, the Chinese government’s coercive closure of Wuhan has caused many arguments. However, Corona, who moved to the United States, did not take much time to reach the national turmoil due to the Trump government’s orthodox response, and this situation was superior to Xi Jinping and the Chinese leadership of the Communist Party’s politics. It was used as evidence.

Since then, the Chinese government has consistently maintained the Zero Corona policy so far. So far, most people, including soldiers, are looking for the reason why the Chinese government maintains the zero corona policy. However, I have a lot of questions that make my head smile little by little.

The first is the evaluation of the efficacy of China’s vaccine. Vaccines from major companies, such as Shinobags and Sino Farm in China, have been questioned. Data in China has already been questioned by many institutions. Reporting to Chinese vaccines has changed slightly over time. China said that the vaccines in the country showed nearly 90%of the effects, but the evaluation in countries that received the actual vaccine was not.

In March 2021, however, Turkey made a concern about the Chinese vaccine that the vaccine of Shinobag in China had an effect of 83.5%. This is lower than that of China, but Brazil was much higher than the estimates. Brazil announced in January 2021 that only 50.4%of Chinese vaccines were effective. (https://www.bbc.com/news/world- latin- america-55642648) However, Turkey’s state-owned Anadolu reported that there was a 100% hospitalization effect as a result of the three-stage experiment of Ankara’s prestigious Hakepe University. Turkey has been conducting vaccine experiments since September 2020, and the Ministry of Health announced in late December, according to the initial survey.


2021년 6월에는 블룸버그가 두멜버른 머독 아동 연구소(he Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Melbourne )의 피오나 러셀(Fiona Russell)과 브리즈번 퀸즐랜드 대학(the University of Queensland in Brisbane)의 폴 그리핀(Paul Griffin) 교수를 인터뷰 According to one point, about 50%of Sinobags are effective for very light symptoms that do not require treatment, 84%for infections that require some medical intervention, and 100%for serious corona patients. Therefore, when comparing the group that hit the Sinoba vaccine with each other, there was no severe patient in the right group, and 16%of the patients who needed medical intervention were 16%compared to the non -vaccine. Mild patients mean that about half of the groups were not right. Therefore, it may be an too low evaluation that the Sinoba vaccine is not effective. Since China does not have MRNA vaccine technology, it can be interpreted as the intention of introducing the Western MRNA vaccine and learning technology. https://www.rfi.fr/cn/%E4%B8%AD%E5%9B%BD/20210628-%E6%84%8F%E5%A4%A7%A9%A9%A9%80% BB%E7%90%86%e4%BA%BD%BD%95%E5%85%E5%E5%BC%80%e8%B4%B4%A8%E7%91%91%E4%B8%AD% E5%9b%BD%E7%96%AB%E8%8b%97%e6%95%88%8A%9b

With this successive report, the evaluation of the Chinese vaccine effect was inevitable. According to RFI reports in the same June, Hong Kong University announced that the antibody figures of China’s Shinoba vaccine are pure and vaccines of 1/9. The average antibody level of 63 people was 269, and only 27 people in Sinobag were 27. Italian Prime Minister Draghi also publicly questioned Chinese vaccines, taking Chile as an example.

https://www.rfi.Fr/cn/%E4%B8%AD%E5%9B%BD/20210716-%E9%A6%A6%EE6%AF%E5%A7%A7%E5%AD% A6%e7%A0%94%e7%B6%e6%e6%BE%E7%A4%BA-%E8%BE%89%e7%91%9E%96%96%E8%8b%97 %E6%8A%97%BD%93%e9%e9%e5%e5%e5%e7%A7%A7%91%e5%85%e7%e7%96%e8b%e8b%97%e4 %B9%9d%e5%80%8D

In Indonesia, there were events in which doctors who fought Corona died as a group. The WSJ said at least 10 of the 26 Indonesian doctors died of a Shinoba vaccine, and cited data from the Indian Medical Association, and at least 16 of the doctors were inoculated. In other words, more than one fifth of the doctors in the Chinese vaccine died. NYT has recently been confirmed by more than 350 medical officials, all of which are inoculated with Shinoba vaccines. https://www.rfi.fr/cn/%E4%B8%AD%E5%9B%BD/20210628-%E6%84%8F%E5%A4%A7%A9%A9%A9%80% BB%E7%90%86%e4%BA%BD%BD%95%E5%85%E5%E5%BC%80%e8%B4%B4%A8%E7%91%91%E4%B8%AD% E5%9b%BD%e7%96%AB%e8%8b%97%e6%95%88%8A%9b

In a country with strong disgust like Korea, it was not possible to introduce a Chinese vaccine, and it was likely that people would avoid vaccination.

At this point, I will review why the evaluation of Chinese vaccines is mixed. First of all, if the Chinese vaccine is good or bad, one of the countries that evaluated the Chinese vaccine lied. But I think no government can lie about this work with the lives of the whole people. There may be some exaggeration, but it is difficult to have a difference of 50%and 90%of the effect.

So I assume that the Chinese vaccine is uneven. In other words, the quality of Chinese vaccines is likely to have been severe. Most Chinese vaccines are known to be made by cultivating viruses in traditional vaccine production methods and eggs. That’s why some people were worried about the possibility of leaking viruses. However, it is likely that Shino Farm or Shinobag, which requires a large amount of vaccines at one time, would have lacked its production capacity, and therefore it is likely to have given a large subcontract. Therefore, it is likely that homogeneous quality control was not properly done in the urgent subcontracting factories. In addition, the local governments would not have paid these factories properly because they only paid down the down payment and took the vaccine.

As a result, I think it is likely that the effects of high -quality vaccines have high effects and the quality of vaccines with messed up quality. And everyone would have thought that it was a problem to continue to produce vaccines in this way. It is necessary to produce a large quantity of homogeneous vaccines. And this explains the next second issue.

Second, China is trying to bring in the MRNA vaccine. China’s vaccine technology is high enough and China, which has not been needed, has changed its position. In April 2021, Gao Fu, the head of China’s CDC, indirectly suggested that the efficacy of the corona virus vaccine in China was “not high,” and admitted that the efficacy of China’s corona virus vaccine could be improved. This was rare in the Chinese government, which has increased the international credibility of Chinese vaccines. Kao Fu argued that the intent of his remarks was not a problem with the Chinese vaccine, and that China had to learn MRNA technology to develop medical technology in the future. Kaopu was hardened a few months later.

✔️ https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/asia_pacific/china-baccine-baccine-bacine-not-hiGH-gao

Why did Gaopu say he should learn MRNA technology? It is because the production of MRNA vaccines is industrial production. This is because it is a way to make homogeneous products in the large quantities. In June 2021, reports that China began to consider the use of foreign vaccines in China. It is rumored that China is trying to introduce a vaccine from BionTech, Germany, and predicts that it will be decided before July. Germany BionTech is a bio company that has developed a Pizhey’s vaccine and can provide 100 million vaccines to China at that time. The Chinese government has already judged a German company BionTech and its joint venture partner (as if referring to a piser), and reported that it could be sold in China as soon as possible.

But after that, no news came out. Three months later, in September 2021, China is concerned about complications during clinical trials, but reports that they are seeking the way for the next generation vaccine. An expert, who has not revealed his identity, said that China would be difficult to develop vaccines for new technologies or mutant corona viruses, and China reported that it is developing a first -generation vaccine using MRNA and a second -generation vaccine using MRNA and protein sub units. According to this, China is developing MRNA vaccines independently without the help of Germany’s BionTech. However, it is very difficult for China to develop its own MRNA vaccine. This is because there are no samples in China for phase 3, not technical difficulties. If you must do, it should be the target of China, which has never been developed by China in another country where Corona 19 has been developed and has never developed MRNA vaccines before, and it should be a test subject in China. It was almost impossible.


Another report in the same September reported that China’s Shino Farm is developing a MRNA vaccine. Before Shino Farm, a small and medium -sized business called Walvax Biotechnology was already developing and experimenting. In the three -phase test of the Shino Farm vaccine, the prevention of infection was 79%when two vaccinations were given every three weeks. It is different from the 95%of the bioenech vaccine. According to the report, the Chinese government has made phase III in the MRNA vaccine anyway.


At this point, China seems to have been in parallel with both its own development MRNA vaccine and BionTech’s MRNA vaccine. At the same time, he received a massive loan for his third action. It is reported that Shanghai FOSUN Pharm has secured $ 300 카지노사이트 million in the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and International Finance Corporation (IFC) to raise funds for Covid-19 vaccine production and distribution expansion. According to the AIIB and IFC websites, the funds will be invested in building coldchain logistics infrastructure, expanding and upgrading vaccines and test kits.

✔️ https://www.caixinglobal.com/2021-09-02/xclusive-chinas- Fosun-pharma-pharma-300-Million

It is natural that various new facilities should be introduced to install the production line for the manufacture of MRNA vaccines. And here is the cold chain we need to be careful. In order for China to apply MRNA, a super cold chain that maintains minus 20-70 degrees must be equipped. This cost is not even ridiculous.

Korea belongs to a country with a well -developed cold chain. Live fish sashimi and fresh refrigeration are networked throughout the country, and all citizens have a sense of cold chain. In Korea, the temperature range of the cold chain is divided into refrigerated (2 ~ 8 ° C), refrigeration (-25 ~ -15 ° C), and ultra-low temperature (-90 to -60 ° C). Accordingly, the proper storage temperature for each vaccine is generated by ‘viral vector vaccine’ refrigerated (2 ~ 8 ℃), ‘mRNA vector vaccine’ is frozen (-25 ~ -15 ℃) or ultra-low temperature (-90 ~ 60 ℃) I do it.


But China is the opposite. It is difficult to eat fresh sea fish in places like Beijing and Shanghai, China’s first -line cities. Even if you go to a Japanese restaurant, the main menu is the main tuna or salmon brought in frozen. There is a Japanese restaurant that uses live fish as a ingredient in Beijing. It’s too expensive. Therefore, in the case of China, to produce a MRNA vaccine and inoculation, it is necessary to create a national cold chain on the ground. In addition, the temperature monitoring system should be equipped with a temperature monitoring system. The facilities and equipment that can be procured by themselves will be done somehow, but most of them have to be imported from abroad, so they earned $ 300 million. And this large loan means that the Chinese government has decided to apply the MRNA vaccine.

The fourth question is that since then, there has been no permission for the MRNA vaccine. At the time of cooperation with BionTech, it was expected that the Chinese government would be very promptly reduced, but it has not been approved for almost a year. CCO SEAN MARETT said BionTech still emphasizes the Chinese market and continues to communicate with Chinese authorities. And it also suggested that it was not easy. BionTech’s vaccines are already used in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.


Why doesn’t it proceed like this? I think the root cause of all this reason is ‘money’. MRNA vaccine prices are about 20,000 won to 30,000 won for Korean money. If China matches the BionTech vaccine twice a year, the medicine will cost about 20,000 won per time. Then, 1 billion people x 20,000 won = 40 trillion won. In fact, it will be several times that of the cost of the drug, the cost of manpower, the cost of transportation, the cold chain cost, and other costs. Let’s take twice as easy as calculating. Then it can be assumed that it costs 80 trillion a year.


How much money can the Chinese government can spend? In 2021, the Chinese government’s budget was 11.888 trillion yuan (about 2,026.57 trillion won). Although it is a large amount of money, the budget for local governments, which is suffering from fiscal deficits, is less than the budget of 607.7 trillion won, with 3.5 trillion yuan (approximately 596.76 trillion won). Is there a room to use 40 trillion in the vaccine budget? In the face of military expenses against the United States.


Not long ago, there was a lack of budget in the Hurgang Shi, China. Heo River is a coal mine city and is a collaboration as it becomes abandoned. That’s why it’s a special case, but it can be seen as a case that shows how difficult the Chinese local government is.

The problem of the existing vaccine is difficult to solve, and the virus continues to change the variation and cannot respond to the existing vaccine. It is difficult to build infrastructure such as cold chains, and the difficulty of operating is high and lack of money. It can’t be weak in front of the United States and the world. So in the end, there is only one countermeasure against China. It is ‘isolation’, ‘isolation’ and ‘isolation’. Many people may be uncomfortable, but maybe there is no other choice for the Chinese government.

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