Jeep throws a rugged face “New SUV” continuously! “Avenger” scheduled to be released in Japan! Jeep is also an EV brand!? The new plan is unveiled (Kuruma News)

On September 8, 2022, Jeep released images of the new EV “Wagonia” and “Leikon” on the official YouTube channel. [Image] See new jeeps such as “Avenger” scheduled to be introduced in Japan and “Wagonia” that became EV! (18 pieces) In addition, it has been officially announced at the “Paris Motor Show” held on October 17, 2022, and has been mentioned in the “Avenger” jeep, which is scheduled to be introduced in Japan, and is electrified. Is accelerating. Starting with the release of these models, 50 % of the new cars in the United States by 2030 will lead the SUVs to be electrified by making 100 % of the new cars sold in Europe.

Jeep is expanding the lineup of electric vehicles, including the 호게임 PHEV model “Wrangler 4XE” currently on sale and the “Grand Cerocy 4XE” released in Europe on May 24, 2022. It is said that it is proceeding. The new jeep “Likon” is a new model exclusively for EVs, and the concept is “100%jeep, 100%zero emission”. Despite being an EV, it has the title of the badge “Trail Watered” given to a vehicle with 4×4 performance specified by the jeep, has an electric roof that can be opened and closed with one touch, and has a detachable door and window. You can enjoy the off -road experience. The official announcement of Likon is scheduled for 2023 and will start production in 2024. In North America, reservations have been launched in early 2023, and then sold around the world, including Europe. The new Jeep “Avenger” is a small EV model that is also scheduled to be sold in Japan. The body size will be smaller than the released jeep “Renegade” and will be an entry model in the Jeep EV. The maximum cruising range is 400km, and the EV has sufficient performance, but with the highest ground clearance on the class, the lamp break over angle, and an approach angle, the performance required for SUVs is ensured. It is also said that a modern interior is packed with cutting -edge technology to achieve a spacious interior space. Avenger will be the world premiere on the first day of the Paris Motor Show, scheduled to be held on October 17, 2022, and will start accepting orders on the same day. The sales area also includes Japan, and is also planned to be sold in Europe markets and Korea. In addition, the “Wagonia”, which has a long history of jeep brands, has also been revealed that it will be an EV -only model. The new “Wagonia” scheduled to be announced in 2023 will have only EVs unlike the previous models. The powertrain uses a maximum output of 600 horsepower motors, and the maximum cruising range is about 640 km at 0-100km / H acceleration 3.5 seconds. The design has a side silhouette that follows the wagonia so far and has a 7 -slot grille, but also improves aerodynamic performance. Like the Leacon, the new Wagonia was released in 2023, the production was started in 2024, and the reservation order was in early 2023. After that, it will be deployed around the world, including Europe. Jeep brand CEO Christian Munier commented: “Today, we have seen only a small part of our newly added products to our electric SUV lineup. The plan we will see is to release products scheduled for the next two years, and why we asked. 4XE is the only new 4X4 “specifically appears. The SUV market is transforming into a completely new figure by the combination of 4×4 performance, unmatched jeep design, and electrification. There is. I am not looking forward to walking along with everyone around the world on the road toward “Zero Emission Freedom”.

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