“Korean immigration rules and air service”

It was around September 3, and the visa for entering Korea was exempted again, eliminating the need for Corona negative and vaccination certificates, and a PCR (80,000 WON) within 24 hours after entering the country was required. Go straight from the airport by taxi until the negative confirmation comes out and wait at the hotel. Maybe shopping is ok.

Incheon Airport has three PCR inspection areas, and I think that the test result was at 21:00 for the test results from 15:00, 15:00, 15:00 to 18:00 for the inspection in the morning.

The Kanami Airport in Busan has one PCR inspection area, so the morning inspection is 18:00 and the afternoon test is 9 o’clock the next morning.

According to today’s news, South Korea did not have a PCR test after entering the country, and the infection has subsided, so he is considering the abolition of PCR after entering the country.

At the moment, it is necessary to register the results of this PCR after entering the country in the Q code (“quarantine information advance input system”).

The following is from the website of the Pusan ​​Japanese Embassy

(1) Access the website of the “Propecice Information Preliminary Input System” before entering the country, enter quarantine information such as vaccination certificates, health status questions, etc. in advance, and attach a certificate.

(2) After the pre -entry is completed, the QR code is issued on the website (transmitted by e -mail), so that the QR code is printed on the airport quarantine after entering the country, or in a mobile phone photo, etc.

(3) Register the results of the PCR test on the first day after entering the country.

It seems to be.

If you can’t inspect it in the morning in Busan, you can’t go out until the next morning, and there are few airmails, so I made a reservation for airplanes to Seoul until October 7-10, but canceled and went to Busan. I booked an airplane and a hotel.

Entering Korea from visa -exempted countries such as Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong requires a pre -registered online entry online, and the money costs about 1,000 yen. Upload the photo page of the passport to 300KB or less, upload a photo above from the shoulder to 100KB or less, declare your stay, contact information, stay purpose, and occupation online, and immediately approve it if there is no problem. You will receive an email.

After entering the country, the PCR has not yet been reserved in hopes that it will be abolished.

Recently, Seven Rack Casino has no announcement of the event, and there are no Chinese people because there are no Chinese people. If I remembered the Cebuen Rack in Busan for the first time in three years, the Blackjack rules changed to H17 (soft 17 hits) in 2019, so the expected value was just worse to minus 0.61%in basic strategy. I haven’t been there since, so it would be sad if I was all CSM (Continuous Shaffle Machine).

As an old memory, the casino I went to before Corona was a Korean HIGH1 ski resort in the New Year in 2020 (there are a lot of artificial snowfalls running even in the snowy year, and there are about 30 courses. I was together with the people who are practicing like a Japanese national team uniform with the Japanese national uniform. The ski resort is also a rental discount for foreigners, and on New Year’s Eve, it was a good place to count down and fireworks). It has been since I went to Ehara Land Casino. In Gangwon Land Casino, the originally existed coal mine has become an abandoned mine, and the casino has been recognized for regional revitalization, and can be reached east of Seoul or in a taxi in about 2-3 hours in Tohoku. Because of the only casino that Koreans put in, the rules are strict, but they are overcrowded, but they bet on one BOX from behind, not just sitting on a table chair, and do not hang back before betting from behind. I couldn’t do it, and even at midnight, I waited for one hour to BACK BET or hell, and the cutlet curry was 27,000WON, and only orange juice and coffee were free. I just stood behind a woman who didn’t even know the basic strategy and just bet money, and I stopped immediately, but there was a forced break for about 15 minutes per hour, and Back Bet had no seats, so it moves during a compulsory break. And the place is taken.

I felt that it would be better not to go next to Bahama’s Inchikikazino, where the ace has been pulled out quite a bit from the beginning.

In addition, Air Busan seems to be being held down by a travel agency, so it cannot be reserved on the Internet from the website, and HIS is expensive, but JEJU AIR can be reserved from the website and is in a cheap state. It is a route from Narita, Kansai and Fukuoka. Korean Air and Asiana were of course cheaper than T-WAY or JIN-AIR, in the first half of the 20,000 yen in Fukuoka Pusan.

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