Modern Rose (1968)

1968 Modern Rose

(1) HT “Interflora ‘”

(2) HT “erotic squid (ROSA ‘EROICA’)”

(3) FL “Rosa ‘Angel Face'”

(4) HT “Colorama ‘”

(5) FL “Fabergé ‘”

(6) MIN “Rosa ‘Petite Folie'”

(1) HT “Interflora ‘”

HT “ROSA ‘PEACE'” and his grandson of his HT “Rosa ‘Crimson Glory'”, the HT “Svnir de Crodius Pernet” Grandchildren

HT “Rosa ‘OPHELIA'” and he are Gen -no -grandchildren of HFT “Capucine Chambard ‘”

HT “Rosa ‘La France'”, HT “Rosa ‘Lady Mary Fitzwilliam'”, and HFT “Rosa Fottida Vicolor Wilmott) “”

Descendants such as HP “Rosa ‘Frau Karl Drushki'”

Tree height 1.2-1.5m

Flower color is orange -dark orange pink, 30 to 35 flower valves, 10-13cm in flower diameter, half -sword valve high core blooming

Another name: HT “Antelvu, Interview ‘”

Creation: 1968, France

Creator: Marie-Louise Meilland, 1920-1987)


Mother tree: [HT “Baccarat (ROSA ‘BACCARá’)” x HT “Masage (ROSA ‘Message’)] × ]]

Pollen parent: HT “Baccarat (ROSA ‘BACCARá’)” x HT “Paris Match ‘”

・ HT “Baccarat (ROSA ‘BACCARá’)”

Created in Francis Meilland (1912-1958) in 1954, 9cm in vermilion, half -sword valve blooming in red red.

Grandson of HT “Crimson Glory”, HFT “Capsine Chamball” Son, HFT “Rosa Fetida Vicolor Wilmot”.

Descendants such as HT “La France”, HT “Lady Mary Fitz Willian”, HT “Ophelia”

・ HT “Masage ‘”

Another name: HT “ROSA ‘WHITE KNIGHT'”

Before 1954, it was produced in France, a white flower diameter of 8-10 cm, a sword valve blooming HT. The creator is Francis Meilland

Son of HT “Peace”, HT “Ophelia” Son, HP “Frau Karl Dolshki”, descendants of HT “Lady Mary Fitutsuirijim”

・ HT “Jolie Madame ‘”

Before 1958, it was created in France. The creator is Francis Meilland

HT “Crimson Glory” and his HFT “Capsine Chamball”

HFT “Losa Fetida Vicolor Wilmot” and his HT “Ophelia” Genkon

Descendants such as HT “La France” and HT “Lady Mary Fitz William”

・ HT “Rosa ‘Paris Match'”

A large wheel of peach red and high -core bloom in France before 1956. The creator is Francis Meilland

The grandchild of the HT “Crimson Glory”, the HT “Svneal de Crodius Perne”

HT “Peace” and his HFT “Rosa Fotta Vicolor” Son -grandson of HT “Ophelia”

Descendants such as HT “La France” and HT “Lady Mary Fitz William”

☆ Flower name

“Interflora” is the world’s largest flower shop organization. It is said that more than 50,000 fresh florists in 150 countries around the world belong, and affiliated flower shops in each country have received orders for flower gifts around the world.

Interforolla’s prototype was started in 1908 by Max Hübner (Max Hübner, 1866-1946) in Berlin.

This is a service that consists of a florist network that sends and receives flowers to each other by telegraph, and delivers flowers from a florist near the delivery place.

Later, similar organizations such as the US FTD (The Florists Telegraph Delegraph Association) and his British branches under his FTD, the British organization changed the name “Interflora British Group”.

In Europe, Max Hewner expanded its business, concluded a network of about 3,000 florists in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, and Switzerland in 1927, and the Swiss Zurich, an international organization, “Fleurop”. Is launched.

As a network to develop an international trading business in 1946 after World War II, the “Interflora” consists of (Fleurop) + (FTD) + (Interflora British Group) will be established in Copenhagen in Denmark. 。

Since 1972, we have been hosting an international flower design competition, “Fleurop-Interflora World Cup”.

The “Inter Flora World Cup” held the first tournament in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in 1972, with the aim of improving flower design technology and promoting flower gifts culture. Since then, tournaments have been held once every four to five years in cities around the world, such as Europe, the United States, and Asia, and the 7th tournament in 1989 was a venue in Tokyo.

The rose’s “Rosa ‘Interflora'” has an aliased HT “Rosa ‘Interview'”, but the registration name and announcement name are HT “Antelvu, Interview ‘”. So, I think that “Interflora” is a name given later.

I didn’t know the background of “Rosa ‘Interflora'”.

The “Press Kit, Interflora” “Press Kit, Interflor’s 70 Years/DOSSIER DE PRESSE-70 (1946-2016) Ans D’INTERFLORA” has a 70-year-old event in 1970. It is described as “UNE ROSE AU NOM DE LA MARQUE -PAR LA MAISON MEILLAND”, which is “UNE ROSE AU NOM DE LA MEILLAND”, so the name of this rose refers to “Interflora”. I think that’s definitely.

(2) HT “erotic squid (ROSA ‘EROICA’)”

Genkon of HT “Crimson Glory”

HT “Ophelia”, HT “Rosa ‘Madame Caroline Testout'”, HT “Svneal de Crodius Pernne”, HFT “Soleil d’Or ‘”, HP Descendants such as “Frau Karl Dolshki”

Tree height 1.0-1.3m

The flower color is dark red, the flower diameter is 9 to 12 cm, the number of petals is 30-35, semi -sword valve -Sword valve blooms

The scent is damasked strong scent


Creation: 1968, Germany

Creator: Mathaias Tantau Jr. (Mathias Tantau, Jr., 1912-2006)

Mass: “Anonymous Sushi” x HT “Doctor A. J. J. Ferhahe (ROSA ‘Dr. A.J. Verhage)”

・ HT “Doctor ・ A. J. Ferhahe (ROSA ‘Dr. A.J. Verhage)”

Before 1957, it was produced in the Netherlands. The creator is Gysbert Verbeek

The grandchild of the HT “Crimson Glory”,

HT “Ophelia”, HT “Madam Calorine Teszu”, HT “Svneal de Crodius Pernne”, HFT “Soleil Doll”, HP “Frau Karl Dolshki”, etc.

☆ Flower name

“Eroica” is an Italian adjective female form.

The female form of the male noun “EROE/Hero/Hero” “EROICO/Hero, Hero” is “Eroica”.

This Italian adjective female form “EROICA” may be used as a noun.

“BEETHOVEN: Symphony No.3 Op. “EROICA” is used noun.

This is the third symphony composed by Beethoven (1770-1827), a 34 -year -old 1804 “Sinfonia Eroica/Symphonia Erovilla/Hero Symphony, Hero, Hero. “Symphony” (here is a pattern of adjective female -shaped patterns that match the nouns, which are modified with SINFONIA (female nouns).)

Beethoven’s Symphony 3rd House 3rd Work 55 was initially a symphony entitled “Bonaparte” and was reported to be composed to Napoleon (*).

(*) Napoleon Bonaparte (Napoléon Bonaparte, birth name: Napoleone Di Bonaparte/Napoleone DI BUONAPARTE, 1769-1821), Emperor Napoleon Ie (Napoléon IR, 804-1814, 1815)

This song is one of the peak of Beethoven, completed in 1804 crowned by Napoleon Bonaparte.

Although I intended to dedicate the song after the song was completed, the episode of Napoleon was disgusted by the emperor, and the episode of the “vulgarity” was broken and broke the cover that was written. It seems, but it seems that there is no evidence of the title of Beethoven’s self -portrait in the Vienna Rakuyu Association, and there is no evidence that the cover is broken. It seems that the newly renamed “Symphonia Eroqua” has been added, and one sentence “for memories of a hero” (*2) is added.

(*2) SINFONIA EROICA, Composta Perfesteggiare IL SOVVENIRE D’UN Grand’uomo (Symphonee Héroïque, Composée Pour Céléburer Le Souvenir D’Un GRAND HOME/Symphony Symphony, a great man/

The dedication destination of “Sinfonia Eroica” is no longer Napoleon Bonapartes, but the motivation composed by the feeling of “Hero Napoleon” before the emperor’s throne is included in the work. That’s why I think this song is unrelated to Napoleon.

And the name of the crimson rose “Eroica” also seems to refer to Napoleon.

(3) FL “Rosa ‘Angel Face'” HT “Peace” grandchildren, FL “Rosa ‘Pinocchio'” Son -grandson, HT “Charlotte Armstrong ‘) Swim & Weeks (Swim & Weeks) ROSA (Swim & Weeks) ROSA (Swim & Weeks), such as the HT “Crimson Glory”, HT “La France”, HT “Ophelia”, and HFT “Soleil Doll”

Mother tree: FL “ROSA ‘CIRCUS'” x FL “ROSA ‘LAVENDER PINOCCHIO'” pollen parent: HT “Rosa ‘Sterling Silver'” and FL “ROSA ‘” Circus’)] In 1955, flower colors changed from peach yellow to peach red, flower diameter of 6-8 cm, and round valve double -blooming creators were Herbert Cecil Swim (Herbert Cecil Swim, 1906-1989) FL’s “Pinocchio” child, HT “Charlotte Armstrong” grandson, HT “Crimson Glory” Son HT “Ophelia”, HT “Madam Calorine Teszu”, HT “Lady Mary Fitz William” FL “ROSA ‘LAVENDER PINOCCHIO'”, a descendant of HT “La France”, HFT “Soleille Doll”, and HT “Svneal de Crodius Pernetes” FL “Rosa ‘Lavender Pinocchio'” in 1948 。 The flower color is light purple and light brown mixed color with a flower diameter of 7-8㎝, and the round valve double bloom. The creator is Eugene S. Bourner. “Stirling Silver (Stirling Silver”, such as the child of the FL “Pinocchio”, the grandchild “La France” of “Frau Karl Dolshki”, the HT “Lady Mary Fitz William”, and the HFT “Soleil Doll”. ROSA ‘STERLING SILVER’)]] In 1957, a light purple color, 9 cm in diameter, and a half -sword valve blooming HT. The creator is Esther Gladys Fisher (Esther Gladys Fisher) crossing: Anonymous seedling x HT “Peace ‘” (4) HT “Colorama (ROSA’ COLORAMA ‘)” HT grandson of “Peace” Grandchildren are descendants such as HFT “Rosa Fetida Vicolor Wilmot” and HT “Suvenir de Crodius Perne”, and HT “Ophelia”. The flower color is red -shocking and pink, and the back valve is creamy double color system, the flower diameter is 15 mm, and the sword valve blooms. Creator: Marie-Louise Meillan (MARIE-LOUISE MEILLAN, 1920-1987) ROSA

Mating: HT “ROSA ‘SUSPENSE'” x HT “Confidence ‘” and HT “Rosa’ SUSPENSE ‘”, created in France before 1958, flower color is a positive valve. Red, back benty yellow double color system, HT with a flower diameter of 15 mm. The creators are Francis Meilland (1912-1958) HFT “Rosa Fetida Vicolor Wilmot” and HT “Svneal de Crodius Pernne”, HFT’s “Soleil Doll” Genso -grandson. Rosa Cinensis and descendants of HT “Lady Mary Fitz William”.・ HT “Rosa ‘CONFIDENCE’” The flower color created in France before 1950 is a pale pink, 12 cm in flower diameter, and a semi -sword valve high core HT. The creator is the child and grandchild of Francis Meilland HT “Peace” and the HT “Ophelia”. “Colorama” is a synthetic word of “Color/Coroll/Color” in Latin and classical Greek suffix “ὅμᾰ/hórāma/Olama/view, view, visibility.” -“COLOR” -In the old French, “Color” was used as a word for “color, appearance”.・ The synthetic words connected by “ὅᾱμᾰ (hórāma)/Olama” include Panorama (panorama), Diorama (Diorama, diorama), Sonorama (Sonorama), etc. The word “Panorama” is a synthesis created by Robert Barker (Robert Barker, 1739-1806) from Ireland when he published his own [extremely horizontal landscape paintings]. It seems to be a word. “Panorama” combines the Greek prefix “πα ν/Pan/Pan/all” and “ὅ μᾰ/hórāma/Olama/view, view, visibility” to see the “whole scenery and all sides of the scenery far away”. It expresses “the prospects, etc.” “Panorama”, which Robert Barker started, seems to be one of the genres of paintings, also called rotating paintings, but it seems to have been a kind of show. The entire ring of the ring is drawn elaborately drawing scenic spots and historical incidents around the world, exhibiting around the observatory in the center, so that the vast scene is spreading in front of you. However, it is said that Barker’s initial panoramic painting was drawn on a semicircular canvas, and the audience stood inside the semicircular circular, experiencing the world of painting as if witnessing the landscape. 。 Barker, which has a different visual experience from flat paintings, has gained a good reputation, and in order to announce new works one after another, and provide further experiences to the audience, 1792, the world’s first 360 -degree panoramic painting. I drew it in the year. The number of spectators has increased, and he built a dedicated exhibition hall in Leicester Square in London. The building was a four -story building, and the audience went up and down each floor and went around each floor. Although the exhibition hall does not exist, it seems that the blueprints have been conveyed, and it is said that the blueprints can see various ideas to create reality. “Diorama/Diorama, diorama” is a coined word that combines the Greek prefix “through Δια (DIA)/Deer/~” and the suffix -tailor “ὅᾱμᾰ/hórāma/Olama/view, view”. It seems that it means “watermark picture, transparent picture”. Currently, as one of the methods of exhibiting works at museums, the “scene model” that expresses the exhibits and its surrounding environment and background is called a diorama, but it was different at the time of this word. 。 This word was used in the name of the show theater called “Le 카지노사이트 Diorama” in Paris in the first half of the 19th century. Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre (1787-1851), known as the founder of modern photographic art, was a realistic panoramic painter at the time and a performing artist and oil painting. I was a painter. In 1822, he developed a new show device to replace the conventional panorama and named him “Diorama”. The “Le Diorama (Le Diorama)/Diorama Theater” was a theater that shows a scene that uses a projection device and multiple real -painted drawings that apply a see -through viewing method. “Panorama Museum” is a kind of huge deceit picture (Trompe-L’L’œil (Trompe-L’L’œil) that makes the campus painting drawn by the perspective of the central audience seats. /Trump Louille) was the main feature, but the audience seats of the “Le Diorama” were surrounded by walls, 14 meters high from the windows opened on one wall, 22 width. It was a mechanism that showed a scene drawn on a huge translucent canvas. It seems that the attractions that show the changing landscape, such as up and down multiple canvas hanging outside the window, operating the lighting and using the transmitted light from the back of the screen to use the lighting from the front. The Diorama Theater in Paris seems to have been destroyed by a fire in March 1839, but in the same year Daguer announced the invention of the silver plate photo “Daguerréotype”, and later “one of the fathers in the photo (the photos. It will be called “L’Un des Pères de la Photographie)”. Return to the story of the rose name “Colorama”. “Colorama” is a coined word that combines “[color/color, look]” and “[ὅμᾰ/hórāma/Olama/view, view, view, view]”, but “color” itself. There is a meaning like “look” similar to “ὅᾱμᾰ/hórāma/scenery/view, view, visibility”, so the “Colorama” suffix is ​​not a new meaning, but simply noun. I think it is a case that emphasizes. Isn’t it a coined word with nuances such as “the color is conspicuous” or “the color is an accent of the sight”. (5) FL “Fabergé ‘”

FL “ROSA ‘PINOCCHIO'” and her grandson of HT “Crimson Glory”. HT “Svneal de Crodius Pernne”, HFT “Soleille Doll”, HT “Rosa ‘Rayon d’Or'”, HT “Opuria”, etc.

Mother tree: FL “Fashion” x HT “ROSA ‘HAWAII'” Pollen parent: FL “Zorina (ROSA ‘ZORINA’)” / FL “Fashion (Rosa ‘Fashion’)” 1947 FL with a pink diameter of 9 cm and a high core blooming in the United States. The creator is Eugene S. Bourner. FL “Pinocchio” and his HT “Crimson Glory”.・ HT “Hawaii” (ROSA ‘HAWAII’) A coral color created in the United States in 1960, a flower diameter of 15 mm, a high -core sword valve blooming HT. The creator is Eugene S. Bourner. FL “ROSA ‘ZORINA'”, a descendant of HT “Svneal de Crodius Pernne”, HFT “Soleil Doll”, HT “Rayon Doll”, and HT “Ophelia”, were created in the United States in 1963 FL with a red red color of 10 mm, a high core bloom. The creator is Eugene S. Bourner. FL’s “Pinocchio” child, HT “Crimson Glory” and his grandson of his FL “Pinocchio” ROSA

The famous “Fabergé” is the jewelry “Fabergier’s Egg/яца ра жа ж/yaytsa (/Sweets O -Fabergier” and Russian jewelry, jewelry, and gold engineer, Karl Gustavoovich.・ I think it is Fabergier (кар гавов фаб, 1846-1920). The Fabergier family was originally Jugnot (Huguenot *1), who originally lived in northern France, and 1685 Nantes (Imperial Ordinance (Imperial) ) It seems that it was an immigrant that escaped religious persecution and left the country after guts, and led to Russia after Germany. It seems to be Karl Gustavoovich Fabergier generally, Peter Carl Fabergé, commonly known as CARL FABERGE or Pierre-Karl Fabergé. It seems to be written. Karl Fabergier’s masterpiece “Fabergier’s Resurrection Festival Egg/Imperial Easter Egg (The Fabergé IMPERIAL EASTER EGGS, Les œ UFS DE Pâques Pierre-Karl Fabergé IMPERIUX [Lesp-Park Park・ Pierre -Karl Fabergier Amprio) is 50 egg -shaped gold decorations decorated with jewelry and enamel. From 1885 to 1916, the Romanov Dynasty Alexander III (аандр III, 1845-1894) It was produced at the request of the old reign: 1881-1894) and Nikolai II (колай II, 1868-1918: 1894-1917). These were in St. Petersburg before the Russian revolution. It was made in the Karl Fabergier studio. When the revolution began, Russia escaped and Carl Fabergier died in Switzerland, Switzerland. 1874-1960), Alexander (Alexander, 1877-1952) has established a jewelGé & Cie (Fabergé & Sea/Faberger, 1924-2001) in Paris. We manufactured and sold jewelry of Belger brand and repaired Fabergier products. Until 2001, Fabergé & Cie maintained the only right to manufacture and sell jewelry of Fabergé brand. There was a company in the United States that claims to be Fabergé Inc. without the consent of the Karl Fabelge clan. In 1937, Samuel Rubin (Samuel Rubin, 1901-1978) was a collector of Fabergier and parent -oriented people (1898-1990) when he started a cosmetics company. Recommended by, the company name was registered with “Fabergé, Inc.”, and in 1943, “Fabergé/Fabergier” was registered as a perfume brand name. In 1945, the Fabergier family began negotiations with unauthorized use of the name, and in 1951, they reached an agreement on the name of the perfume brand in the case of Samuel Rubin and Outpitly. In 1963, Fabergé Inc. was sold to George Barry and Rayette (George Barrie and Rayette) for $ 25 million. In 1964, Rayette, a cosmetics company, changed its name to “Rayette-Fabergé Inc.”, but returned to “Fabergé Inc.” in 1971. From 1964 to 1984, the company developed a company under the direction of the highest executive Officer George Barrie, 1912-2002, and focused on advertising. Examples of the fact that film actor Cary Grant (Cary Grant, 1904-1986) signed a contract in 1967 under favorable conditions. Faberge’s trademark is later purchased in 2007 after twists and turns, in 2007, “Pallinghurst Resources Limited Limited Limited Liability Partnership)*3. It seems that the purpose of purchase was to return to the brand for selling jewelry and gold work that is worthy of the original name. In addition, the descendants of Karl Fabergee have joined the members of the organization, and the Breath of the Karl Fabelge clan has been broken again into the Fabergier brand. *1 Yuguenot (Huguenot) -“Yuguno” is a word that refers to Calvin Protestant in France, and has appeared in multiple official documents since around 1560, but there is no establishment about the etymology. A common theory in the hypothesis is that the German “EIDGENOSSE/Aitegenosse/Friends,” is derived from the pronunciation of “Eyguenot” in the Geneva’s French accent (Eyguenot, Eyguenot. It is said that it turned from Iguenots → Huguenots). The official names of German and Swiss German Switzerland are “Schweizerische Eidgenoschat”, and are sometimes translated as the Swiss Owi Alliance in addition to the “Swiss Federation”. “EIDGENOSSENSCHAFT” has a “EIDGENOSSE” plural “EIDGENOSSEN” with “EIDGENOSSEN” with a suffix that adds the meaning of [humans and other aggregates [~ Schaft] “. Doctor’s group] → [Plot Our Alliance]]. The origin of the Swiss country was three states in 1291, three states in Kanton Uriz, Uri (Kanton URI), Kanton Ulden (Kanton UNterden), aiming for independence of the Habsburgs. This is the alliance, and this pledge alliance (EIDGENOSSENSCHAFT) has gained real independence. Also, the Swiss country name “Schweiz” is due to “Schwyz” in Kanton Schwyz in these three states. “Schweizerische/Swiss, a dairy farmer” is an adjective of “Schweizer”. Since then, the number of states (Japanese), which joins the first three states (Japanese) [Our Applination Alliance], gradually increased, and in 1648, the region of the State officially became officially independent from the Haiki Roman Empire (Habsburgs). 。 In addition, in Geneva, in opposition to the ruling of Carlo III (Carlo III Di Savoia/Charles III De Savoie, 1486-1553), anti -Savoa to promote the Alliance with the Geneva Alliance (EidgenosSensChaft). The theory of Geneva’s Alliance (Le Parti des guenots/Le Parti de Agnot “and the name of the Geneva Alliance leader (bezanson/Besançon Hugues, 1491-1532 or 33) There are hypotheses such as (HUGUES/Eugu) and the Allies EIDGUENOTS have been mixed and become Huguenot, but it was originally a derogatory name for French Catholics to call the Calvinist Protestant at the time. That’s right. The religious reformer Jean Calvin (Jean Calvin, 1509-1564), born in France, who criticized the church system with the Pope at the topあり、その結果得られた富は神から与えられたものである」という理念が商工業者に受け入れられて、カルヴァン派は都市部を中心に広がり、フランス宮廷の貴族にも支持層が増えました。 その結果、カトリック教会とユグノーの対立に貴族の勢力争いが結びついて、フランスは内乱状態となり、 1572年8月24日のサン・バルテルミ(Saint-Barthélemy)の祝日に、カトリック派によるユグノー大量虐殺が起こり、内乱は頂点に達しました。 更にイングランドやスペインなどが両派の支援を口実に介入し、紛争は拡大化、長期化しました。 1589年にユグノーのブルボン家アンリが、アンリ4世( Henri IV、1553~1610年 在位:1589年~1610年)となってフランス国王に即位し、その後カトリックに改宗して、1598年にナントで王令(Édit de Nantes/エディ・ドゥ・ナントゥ)を布告して、ユグノーにも信仰の自由と市民権を認める政策をとりました。 こうして、1562~1598年の30年に及んだ宗教戦争は一応終わりました。 ユグノーが信仰の自由と政治上の平等を認められた結果、都市が活性化しましたが、絶対主義体制強化のために宗教的統一をもくろんだ戦争好きのルイ14世(Louis XIV、1638~1715年 在位:1643~1715年)によって1685年にナントの王令は廃止され、ユグノーの商工業者が大量に亡命しました。その結果、フランス国内の産業発展は遅滞しました。 *3 Pallinghurst Resources Limited Liability Partnership – 「Pallinghurst Resources LLP.」は旧名で、現在の社名は「Gemfields Group Ltd.(ジェムフィールズ・グループ 株式会社)」で、有色宝石、特にエメラルドとルビーの採掘、加工、販売を専門としている企業グループだそうです。実績としては、世界のエメラルド供給量の約25%、世界のルビー供給量の約50%を生産しているとのことです。本社はイギリスのロンドンで、宝飾店「ファベルジェ」(Fabergé Boutique)の店舗はスイスのジュネーヴ、他にあるそうです。さて、バラ「ファベルジェ(Fabergé)」ですが、このバラの作出された1968年は「レイエット=ファベルジェ社」の宣伝活動が活発化する時期と重なっています。宣伝活動の一部として、会社のイメージ作りに自社名または自社ブランド名のバラを求めることは、不自然ではないと思いますので、バラ「ファベルジェ(Fabergé)」の名は、化粧品会社「レイエット=ファベルジェ社(Rayette-Fabergé Inc.)」または「香水のブランド名ファベルジェ」に因むと考えてはいますが、確証に至る資料に出会っていませんので、今のところ推測の段階です。 (6) Min「プティット・フォリ(Rosa ‘Petite Folie’)」 Fl「ピノッキオ」、 HT「クリムゾン・グローリー」、Ch「ロサ・キネンシス・ミニマ (Rosa chinensis minima) 」等の子孫 花色は赤色で花径3㎝、八重咲きのミニチュア・ローズ。作出者: マリー=ルイーズ・メイアン(Marie-Louise Meilland) Min「プティット・フォリ(Rosa ‘Petite Folie’)」 母木: Fl「ダニー・ロビン(Rosa ‘Dany Robin’)」× Fl「ファイアー・キング(Rosa ‘Fire King’)」 花粉親: Min「クリ・クリ(Rosa ‘Cri-Cri’)」× Min「ぺルラ・デ・ムンサラー、ぺルラ・デ・モンセラット(Rosa ‘Perla de Montserrat)」 ・ Fl「ダニー・ロビン(Rosa ‘Dany Robin’)」 1958年以前にフランスで作出された橙桃色で八重咲き中輪のFl。作出者はフランシス・メイアン(Francis Meilland) Fl「ピノッキオ」と HT「クリムゾン・グローリー」の孫 Rosa setigera ・ Fl「ファイアー・キング(Rosa ‘Fire King’)」 1957年以前にフランスで作出された濃赤色で花径7㎝、丸弁高芯咲きのFl。作出者はフランシス・メイアン(Francis Meilland) Fl「ピノッキオ」と HT「クリムゾン・グローリー」の孫 HT「ラ・フランス」、HT「レディ・メアリー・フィ ツウィリアム」、HP「フラウ・カール・ドルシュキ」、HMsk「ロビン・フッド( Rosa ‘Robin Hood’)」、HFt「ロサ・フォエティダ・ビコロール」、Sp「ロサ・ルキアエ( Rosa luciae ・ Min「クリ=クリ(Rosa ‘Cri-Cri’)」 1958年以前にフランスで作出された濃桃色で八重咲きのミニチュア・ローズ。 作出者はフランシス・メイアン(Francis Meilland) HT「ラ・フランス」、HT「レディ・メアリー・フィ ツウィリアム」、HP「フラウ・カール・ドルシュキ」、HFt「ロサ・フォエティダ・ビコロール」、 HMsk「ロビン・フッド」 、Ch「ロサ・キネンシス・ミニマ 」等の子孫 ・ Min「ぺルラ・デ・ムンサラー、ぺルラ・デ・モンセラット(Rosa ‘Perla de Montserrat’)」 1945年にスペインで作出された淡桃色で花径3㎝、半八重咲きのミニチュア・ローズ。 作出者はカタルーニャのペレ・ドット・イ・マルティネス(Pere Dot i Martínez/[スペイン語] ペドロ・ドット・マルティネス[Pedro Dot Martínez]、1885~1976年) Pol「セシル・ブルナー(Rosa ‘Cécile Brunner’)」と ロサ・キネンシス・ミニマの派生種 ChMin「ルーレッティ(Rosa ‘Rouletii’)」の子。 Ch「ロサ・キネンシス・ミニマ」、Sp「ロサ・ムルティフローラ(Rosa multiflora)」の子孫 「プティット・フォリ(Petite Folie)」の「Folie/フォリ/狂気、強い情熱、馬鹿げた(莫大な)出費」はフランス語の女性名詞です。「petit、petite/プティ、プティット/小さい」は形容詞です。「Petite Folie」では、女性名詞の「folie」修飾していますので形容詞は女性形の「petite/プティット」になっています。 「Petite Folie」については、「Ma petite folie(マ・プティット・フォリ)“私の小さなおばかさん”」と愛する相手への呼びかける時に言ったりするようです。また、「faire des folies/フェール・デ・フォリ/馬鹿げたことをする」、「faire une folie/フェール・ユヌ・フォリ」は「大きな出費をする」とか「贅沢な買い物をする」という意味で、「faire une petite folie/フェール・ユヌ・プティット・フォリ」だと「ちょっとした贅沢をする、ちょっとした出費をする」になるそうです。 「petit、petite/プティ、プティット/小さい」や「folie/フォリ/狂気」は含みの多い言葉のようです。このバラの場合は、「愛らしい花」というニュアンスを強調しているだけで、 「folie」に深い意味はないように思いますが…。

OPPO will release the 5G smartphone “OPPO RENO7 A” sequentially from June 23. The price is 44,800 yen (tax included). A lineup of two colors, Dream Blue and Star Lily Black. A model that aims to be able to use it for a long time, with “OPPO GLOW” and “Tokimeki, Long -lasting.” The presentation was held today in Tokyo, and the thoughts of the products were also talked about in addition to specifications and functions. The points that RENO7 A focused on for a long time was “design,” “performance,” and “camera,” said Yuya Nakagawa, the company’s product manager. In particular, he said that the design was “the point to buy and experience first.” Therefore, we adopted the “Oppo Glow” processing technology for the first time in the Japanese market on the back of the main unit. While shining like a starry sky, the gradation changes depending on the incident angle of the light, and the back design is not tired. In addition, despite the shine, the texture of a smooth glass glass was also considered to be the difficulty of fingerprint and dirt. As an important point, the lightness and thinness of the body have been reduced by about 0.6 mm from the previous model “Reno5 A” and reduced the weight of about 7 g. The external dimensions are 73.4 x 159.7 x 7.6mm, and the mass is about 175g. The width below this 74mm says, “It brings an exquisite hold when you hold it in your hand.” The display is an organic EL with about 6.4 inches for the display, and upgraded from the conventional LCD. The resolution is 2,400 x 1,080 FHD +, which supports 90Hz refresh rate. The screens of 89.4 % can enjoy a wide variety of content with plenty of realism. It is said that the cover glass is designed to be used for a long time in terms of durability by making the AGC enhanced glass “Dragontrail Star” twice as strong as the previous model. In addition, the battery capacity is 4,500mAh, which can watch videos for about 20 hours and play about 39 hours. It supports quick charging and can charge up to 40 % in about 30 minutes by 18W PD2.0. It is said that he aimed for a thin and lightweight body with such large displays and large batteries. The processor is Qualcomm “Snapdragon 695 5g”. Memory (RAM) is 6GB and storage (ROM) is 128GB. It also has a microSDXC slot for up to 1TB. In addition to supporting Osaifu -Keitai, biometric authentication supports face authentication and fingerprint authentication under the display. FM radio can be used by using separately sold special wired earphones. A new function for long -use use is a new system deterioration prevention function. The memory compression method is changed to maintain 예스카지노 the system movable area efficiently, and the deterioration of the system associated with long -term use is suppressed. In addition to compressing the accumulated system area without knowing, AI removes unnecessary garbage to reduce performance decrease. By suppressing the degree of deterioration of the system to 5 % or less, it is possible to continue the crisp operation feeling even in 36 months. It is a function that can be used without setting anything because it is automatically processed when the user is not used. It also has a function that can expand storage as RAM, and can be set in three stages, 2/3 / 5GB. The operation of starting multiple apps and multitasking will be more comfortable. The camera is equipped with a wide -angle camera (about 48 million pixels / Sony IMX581 sensor), a 120 -degree ultra -wide -angle camera (about 8 million pixels), and a macro camera (about 2 million pixels). It also has functions such as “AI Pallet”, which will be finished according to the color of your favorite work, and functions such as “neon portrait” and “out / in -in simultaneous shooting” that were previously installed. The in -camera is about 16 million pixels. The OS is an Android 11 -based Coloros 12, and the corresponding communication standard is 5g (SUB6) and 4G LTE. Equipped with a dual SIM slot, two nanosims can be used, and ESIM is also installed. Because the SIM slot has an exclusive specification, one of them is used for either microSD card or nanosim. It also supports waterproof and dustproof IPX8 and IP6X. Kenzo Kono, Senior Managing Director of Oga Japan, who appeared at the beginning of the recital, commented on the product, “I focused on what the user wants and how to respond to the request.” OPPO has been 5 years since the entry into Japan, but has been walking with the attitude of “customer thinking” (with high priority on satisfying needs) and “pursuit of pursuit” (continuing to pursue excellent quality). It is said that he conducted a thorough survey from Japan’s unique perspective. For example, he conducted a total of eight surveys on Twitter, etc., and incorporated 4,500 opinions. The RENO A series features a unique feature of Japan, such as waterproof and FeliCa, but in addition to this, it also explains that it is also focusing on online chat, collection and repair service, free disaster repair costs, and partial reductions. 。 These initiatives appealed that the series has exceeded 1.3 million units. Kono also announced that it would launch a new smart device in the second half of 2022. The specific product name was not revealed, but he said, “Add earphones, smart watches and tablets to the portfolio.” In addition, the aim of this product is that the company’s brand director Shinichi Kurokawa said, “When I listened carefully to the users’ voices, I want one that can be used for a long time. Explain that there was a voice. Approximately half of the surveys of “I want to keep using the same terminal” and “I don’t want to buy a new one”, aiming for “long -lasting, so -called buddy -like presence.” Long -use can reduce the frequency of replacement of smartphones. Oppo, which has the fourth largest share of the world, can contribute to the sustainable future by doing this initiative. Kurokawa says, “I think it’s a simple but reliable answer to make a smartphone a little longer,” and RENO 7A concludes, “I would like to continue to strive to believe that I can be a daily partner.” rice field.