“Richarge WiFi (Re Charge Wifi)”

good evening Last week’s blog “Saku -chan has updated the video” has received many access. I would like to thank everyone who visited.

[Richarging WiFi]

Previously, I introduced the Otagaru Wi-Fi (Pocket WiFi router).

Then, in the recommendation of Yahoo! Shopping, something called “Richarge WiFi” appeared. Somehow, it looks like a new service, a WiFi router service that can be recharged. I was worried, so I bought it (because some people are worried).

There were two points I wanted to try.

■ 1000 yen cheaper than Otega WiFi (comparison with router set with 100GB)

■ Additional capacity charge is cheaper than WiFi

It is the cost advantage.


When I ordered it, it arrived at Takkyubin Compact.

An unopened new one has been sent. The Wi-Fi was a new one in the box because the main body, one A4 paper, and a charging cable were sent to the same level, 슬롯머신사이트 but it was a boxed box. The model is U3, the successor to the U2S of Otagaru Wi-Fi.

The router is not a rental but a “purchase”. Therefore, there is no need to return.


A “cloud SIM” mobile WiFi router with a battery capacity of 3000mAh.

The only line to use is the SoftBank line.

The U2S was MicroUSB Type-B, but the U3 is USB Type-C. It’s a nice improvement. In addition to the cloud SIM, it has a SIM slot (nanosim), so the SIM pin is also enclosed.

Press and hold the power button to turn on the power. The first time takes about 2 minutes to grab the radio wave.

【how to use】

In order to get the image, we will introduce the enclosed “Usage Guide”.

As it is in July 2022, it is a new service that was served in June this year. That’s why there are still few reviews.

[Speed ​​test]

This is the first speed test. Because it is a weekday night, the speed is easy to reach.

Is it a standard result for a WiFi router? The same result as the prepaid data SIM on the SoftBank line.

This is the opening of Richarging WiFi and speed test. Because it is a new service, I think some people are worried. I would be grateful if it could be helpful for such a person.

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