I’m not afraid to travel alone. Since she was in school, she went to the train trip tomorrow (once with her younger brother), and she always traveled abroad. It was good to be alone. It was quiet and nothing to worry about. Of course, a lonely moment comes. When is that moment? ‘When you eat’. No matter how good Honbab is, it is hard to do many foods at once. Honbab was especially used in other countries, but Hong Kong was a little different. This is because dim sum wanted to taste various tastes rather than alone. So Hong Kong travelers stopped at the cafe where Hong Kong travelers often saved their group. If you eat together at Mongkok OO restaurant today !!! A woman commented and replaced the contact with a note and decided to meet at Mongkok Station.

– hello

-Hoh, this is OO.

-Can I go to buy a carrier before I go to that restaurant?

-Ah ~ Then. The night market is cheap here

-Thank you ~ But what’s your job? student?

– (I heard a lot of sounds for a while. At one time, I found a real elementary school student in the SBS truth game! I had a request for a recruitment in the concept. Didn’t you say that I could call ‘a stylish tomato’? Wow. I called the artist right away.

– ah. I work in that station.

-Wow really? What are you doing in the station?

– (Why is the word shorter) I’m a writer

– Great. I’m a writer too. OOO main writer

-……… It was the first writer who first made the main bar on the cable.

-Do you meet here like this?

– Iknow, right…

-I can I go to a cigarette? (You’re already in a cigarette)

– yes…

-Do you come alone?

– yes…

-I didn’t know what to do because I really came suddenly? You can guide you today

-Hoe … (I travel is a thorough style. Because I’m not going to go on ancient times, I have never traveled to what to go, what to eat and what to buy.)

-Oh let’s go to buy some bags.

– yes..

It is the value to call in the Mongkok night market. So, half of the time! I have seen it on the blog to shout for a disc. For the first time in my life, the main writer asked me to help cutting things next to it. I couldn’t eat rice now on my trip, but I didn’t know how to go to the night market. This sister is a little strange. We didn’t meet 카지노 at work, but I’m the main and you’re just a writer. This high -pressure attitude made people quite uncomfortable. No a lot.

– (Choose Kitty Carrier)

– (parent parents)

So I shopping with a woman for the first time in my life and cut off the price by half the price. The older sister, who only lived a bag, even shook shoes. I only chose my sister and the bargain was my job. Thanks to the shopping, I arrived at the dim sum, and I was waiting for the time to break up with the dim sum in my mouth. The real sky was indifferent. On the way home, the main writer and sister threw a word on the way home.

– What are you doing tomorrow?

I didn’t want to hear the most. It was the scary comment in the world. He said he will go to Macau tomorrow. And more scary words came out.

– Come with me.

– ah. Then I will contact you tomorrow morning.

I came to the accommodation, and I searched for a ferry that could go quickly to Macau tomorrow morning and took the first car to Macau. How I have spent time and money, but I couldn’t ruin it. And lunch came. ‘where are you?’ ‘ah. I couldn’t sleep at night and … I came to Macau early. What should I do? ‘ I can’t help it. When are you coming back?’ ‘Oh, I don’t know. My sister also enjoys a good trip. ‘And I ran away from Macau and Hong Kong. Even if you meet. Meeting your senior here.

Sometimes I see the sister’s recent situation with katok. I think you’re a writer somewhere. I am also a writer. Because of my runner, we have not encountered any broadcasting stations since then. Don’t easily see how to accompany you. Your boss may wait.

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The political version is also in it

27 doctors

The owner of an unusual personality was elected president of the United States, leading the world of the 21st century.

His election was difficult to understand in general common sense, and even as a president, his policy direction and work promotion was unilateral, so Trump chose this book with interest in human itself and political direction. The author, Bandy Lee, is a Korean -American who has a medical and mental health degree from Harvard University and Yale University. The book wrote a book by 27 psychiatrists analyzing Trump’s actions and words, combining 27 papers that discussed the qualities and risks of the United States.

An important question that can represent the question of Trump is: -As he’s just crazy? Or are you pretending to be crazy like a fox? Is there a problem mentally? Or is it simply mean? Do you know you’re lying? Or do you believe in your own lies? -Do you really have paranoia when you blame Ulto -dad? Or do you use intentionally cunning techniques to turn your attention from your own flight to another? This part of this part, which starts with the fundamental question of Trump, explains the state of Trump in a state of understanding that it should not make a decisive diagnosis. Part 2 tells the dilemma faced when mental health experts feel that they should say. Part 3 talks about the social impacts that Trump has been crazy, the effect of Trump’s current, and the social impact he can lead to the future.

When you enter the contents of this book, this book, Trump’s unique personality and psychiatrists are concerned about the concerns, and they classify Trump’s symptoms as self -impaired or malignant narcissists.

Trump has changed its political party for decades, and at first, he joined the Democratic Party, moved to the Reform Party, changed to Republican, became a Democrat, and eventually became a Republic member.

Trump has found a terrible ben diagram of three circles. The first circle is extreme present pleasure, the second is narcissism, and the third is the act of harassing others. The impulsive and incompetent characters of these three intersections easily fall into the role of tyrants when they occupy the status of the highest power, and fill the place of the so -called self -governing table with their families.

Nixon is often referred to as a type of US president, similar to Trump. On September 23, 1952, Nixon revealed that he had owned and owed the fact that he lived a brilliant life with a slush fund in front of 60 million viewers.

He has not found any illegal acts in individual tax investigations, and he has confirmed to the viewers that no money he has spent for private interests. And it was clear that there was one gift that had been personal benefits but could hardly return. “It was a small cocusanial puppy in a wooden box. It was from Texas far away. There was a black spot on the white background, and the six -year -old young daughter Tricia gave the name Checkers. As you know, all children love dogs. I’ll tell you right now. No matter what people say with that gift, he will keep it. ”

The speech was well eaten by the US public, solidifying the status of the Republican vice president, Eisenhow and Nixon won, and Eisenhower became the 34th president.

Since then, Nixon, who became the president of the United States, has been victims of Vietnam for a reckless reasons, and has been disgraced to withdraw his position as a Watergate case famous for the Democratic Party’s eavesdropping. Tony Schwartz, who met with Trump in 1985 and published a book called Technology of Transactions, has since been separated from Trump, and he saw Trump’s father, Fred Trump, ruthlessly demanded, tricky and dull. His brother, Fred Jr., was overwhelmed by his father and suffered alcohol dependence and passed away at the age of 42.

To Trump, who watched this process, the world was one of the only two, or surrendered to a place where there was no choice but to fight.

Tony said, “Even though I still feel that Trump was ignored 30 years later, I remember the nasty feeling when I was caught in anger. Everyone around it is best to keep it as far as possible, and if it is impossible, I know that in any way, I should not go against his will. ” In Trump’s electricity, Michael Dantonio stops seeing the situation where Trump’s father dragged the children when he was rising from his apartments in Brooklyn’s nasty neighborhood. Fred Trump always told the children to be out of one side of the door. When Donald asked why, the father replied, “Those writers sometimes shot the door.” Patients with mutual symptoms always work hard, full of energy and sleep less than six hours. Even for a while, there is a tendency to feel that it is unstable, unstited, easily boring, constantly requires stimuli and leads the conversation. They pursue their goals with compulsive and ambitious momentum. The goal may seem too huge to others, but I can’t say that I will be successful and no one will succeed.

They are lively, attractive, wit, and like to hang out with people, but can be arrogant at the same time. It seems that they act impulsively, reveal their clumsy judgment, spit out what they come to the head, and immediately act immediately when ideas or desires come to mind, and as a result, they do not know what can happen at all. He jumps straight to danger without detecting how dangerous his behavior is. It has tremendous sexual desire and often moves it to sexual action. In fact, all desires are heightened. There are no worsening factors as much as successful patients with success. In 1988, after publishing the best -selling , Trump, who emerged as a celebrity, worsened the symptoms.

As his reputation soared, he had a series of symptoms and rashed speculative businesses. He cheated with his wife, the mother of three children, and burned his desire to own recklessly in business. We bought and sold the stocks of the company we decided to take over. Three years later, the yacht went to the bank three years later. He paid hundreds of millions of dollars in debt and bought a hotel and airline, but he also entered the hand of the person who lent the money.

After a few months of struggling with the game show’s giant Merb Griffin, his third casino in Atlantic City and the most expensive and huge casino, Trump Taj Mahal, who owned the ownership, but this Casino quickly recorded the first bankruptcy of his four bankruptcy. Part 2 begins with the understanding of the Gold Water rules,

There is a historical basis for mental health professionals against the political debate.

Goldwater rules. Psychiatrists diagnosed him in 1964 without checking the presidential candidate Barry Gold Water, and was judicially humiliated, and the heads of mental health groups were recognized to protect the reputation of mental health experts with this painful experience. The regulations that prohibit the diagnosis of the Ethics were included in the Code of Ethics.

Recently, the Ethics Committee of the American Psychiatry has expanded the Gold Work rules to further interpret the psychiatrists, referring to their professional status, and prohibit complaining about public citizens.

Gas lighting, which frequently appears in psychology literature for the past 10 to 15 years, is a term that explains the dynamics of unhealthy power relations, and the gas litor said, “I think I am right to strengthen my self and adhere to power. Desperately hanging on. ” It is not necessary to say that Trump has a pronounced gas lighter tendency. After the 2016 elections, especially the next week, the majority of the client came to the psychiatric counseling office, and most of them wrestled with feelings such as shock, sadness, worries, panic, uncertainty about the future, and anger.

Trump’s first wife, Ivana, said in a testimony that Trump raped him. Later, during the divorce agreement, which had a large amount of alimony, he wrote more complete expressions, but he did not withdraw the statement completely.

A person who has a high level of anxiety that can trigger intense anger and a person who is afraid of rejection is often caught up in this assault. The abusive criminals show that when the relationship is faced with a catastrophe and the humiliation of rejections that cannot be denied, it can show how strong the shame acts on the abusive criminals to commit murder or commit suicide.

Humans have a survival -oriented instinct to pursue trust in relationships. “Can I believe you at an important moment? Would you like to look back at me? If a lie is repeated, interpersonal partners will find out that the answer is no.

Trump is the cause of pain in many Americans after the election. The Americans are accurately determined that Trump will work impulsively, even if he is not the best of the American interests to achieve his purpose.

I am very proud of the fact that anyone born in the United States can be president. With the power to appeal to citizens, I was able to reach the highest position in the United States.

The intolerance of non -pointism has limited this national aspiration. Begarism signaled that blacks could not be true Americans.

If Obama’s election was excited about the whole country and exhausted, he was proud of being a citizen who had a desalination society, and the non -apostles allowed the United States to continue to embrace the historic racism deep into the 온라인바둑이 soul. “The black president cannot be legitimate. So the substantial truth that Obama was born in America should be denied. ” To do it is the reality of non -divisions.

This intentional fact distortion revealed Trump’s main base. Truth distortion It is the essence of his personality. This clearly showed that Trump would be able to distort and damage the truth to get what he wanted.

For Trump, the truth and reality were just a product, just like everything else. It was a matter of selling the goods I wanted. This seems to be the characteristic of the “Trumpian” way of thinking. In his way of thinking, the non -pointism was a political bid of political personality.

What does it mean that Trump plays a role -like magnet that can’t be rejected to cause tremendous charm or terrible disgust? Is Trump the final product of Narcissism culture in the United States? Is there a president -like president like Trump because the gods we are currently worshiped in the constant -indulgent stimulus and entertainment society?

Many of the Americans feel their position in the United States, and strengthen the narrowing of the world’s narrowing and desperate desires, with Trump’s narcissism and political correctness. . Trump’s narcissism needs and wounds can be viewed as a mirror. Except for the success of the business by using all kinds of means, Trump, who seems to be eligible to be president, is not visible because of his amazing support.

The reason for the rise of Trump’s support is that it is composed of white workers who were pushed back and left for neoliberalism. They have lived in the era of economic downturn or fall, and real wages stayed at a level similar to in the 1960s. The democracy that works properly has also retreated, and evidence that public officials who were selected by their own hands did not reflect their understanding and interests.

Destruction of institutional rights, especially parliament, has soared. In the meantime, of course, the creation has been generated. It only went back to a few hands.

Most of them went back to the top 1%, and they have such a huge wealth.

Sooner or later, it will be a day when the white workers voters, who actually account for a large portion of the US population, will realize that Trump’s promises were all built on the sand. There is no reality in that promise.

Then it becomes important what will happen. The Trump administration will have to find a means of gathering support in order to maintain popularity, to make something as a victim, immigrants, terrorists, Muslims, eliteists, and anyone who will be the most vulnerable, and if that happens, if that happens , The United States may be in a hurry.

It is interesting to see who will take the lead in the world, and who will be elected to the world, and who will take this risk as president.

Plato argued that through the national theory, political leaders should not have property, they should not create a family, and have various political classes from a young age. The ideal country he insisted that the country is impossible to implement it in reality, but the noodles are outstanding with the sharpness that penetrated the nature of power.

President Yoon Seok -yeol announced that he would move his office from the Blue House to Yongsan for communicating with the people. The basis of communication is that the place is not a priority but a communication. If you want to communicate with the people, you should trust the people and get the trust of the people, and to keep your eyes on your eyes. Knowing these basics and keeping the basics faithfully

As I got older in the mountain, I knew the importance of humanities. Coffee and foreigners were fun to learn. I am dreaming of traveling around the world (6) Palestine 100 -year War (1)

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