Rynin who reopened. Izumi, Edano, and Suga began to say what to say. Expectation up

It’s July from today. This year has already ended half … (・ O ・)

I’ve been in the summer as early as one or two days, and today I slept twice for a long time. Everyone, let’s take care of your body at your own pace without overdoing it. (++)

And 10 days before the Upper House election. The upcoming election is really important to affect the future of Japan, which has been reformed and enhanced in the military!

I want to blown here and write what I want to write. o (^-^) o

The Izumi Democratic Party didn’t want to support much. Recently, the Ritsu Public Party seems to have blown out quite a bit, so it’s OK.

At about 50 points, Izumi raised about 50 points because MEW took up the right to collective self -defense in the last 10 years in the last month’s leader. (@@)

“Mr. Izumi was a party lord -sponsored discussion on the 21st, where Prime Minister Fumio Kishida (Liberal Governor’s Governor) asked where the unconstitution was, and said,” Abe at that time changed the constitutional interpretation in the Cabinet decision. It is not allowed. It is constitutional that some roads have been opened in the right to collective self -defense (exercise). ” 메가슬롯 (Sankei Shimbun June 22, 2012)]

that’s right. In fact, opposition and media with intelligence and conscience should appeal more about this part.

If this is left unattended, the government will decide on more and more important national policy at a meeting of ministers that will not be open to the public without discussing it properly in the Diet.

Even the enemy base attack ability and counterattack ability. If you are poor, you will even consider nuclear sharing. (-“-)

In that case, Japan is really Abnai! (**)

Although the Ritsu Public Party was not defeated in the lower house election last year, Yukio Edano was dropped from the representative, and the executives were somewhat renewed, and the veteran powers were staying behind. 。

Neither Izumi representative nor the executives showed a presence. Probably, many people still don’t know their names and faces. ^^;

_ <)>

However, it is also a concern that “Japan will be like Russia and China. This is the crisis in front of you.” “In today’s Japan, the Japan Restoration Association, which pretends to be opposition parties and shakes the tail on power, is trying to make a wider range,” he said.

Above all, the words to the media, “I guess our work is increasing because you don’t criticize it properly. Isn’t the media being a job?” (++)

The biggest job of opposition and media is to monitor and check the government ruling party, point out and criticize it if there is any problem!

In the Niigata constituency, the representative of Edano was shared with former Prime Minister Abe.

“[Upper House election] Tongue battle area Niigata support speech in the Niigata support speech, former Liberal Democratic Democratic Democratic Democratic Democratic Democratic Prime Minister VS Tachiin

(Omitted) Opposition parties are focusing on the criticism of “Abenomics” linked to the high price, but Mr. Abe is sensitive to this movement. As soon as Ritsumin Kenta Izumi (47) touched on the need for interest rates, he counterattacked in another speech venue, saying, “Return to a nightmare era.” Liberal Democratic Party officials say, “I’m quite nervous.”

In the street speech in front of Itoigawa Station, Abe emphasized that the price increase of raw materials such as crude oil prices and wheat was suppressed, probably because he was conscious of Abenomics. As if he had returned to the Prime Minister, he said, “I will open a temporary parliament (after the election), make a firm supplementary budget, and take a drastic measure.”

On the other hand, Mr. Edano, who has been engaged in a number of debates with Mr. Abe, criticized that “some large companies have improved in the last ten years and some of the good friends around Abe.” The Kishida administration announced the point reduction system of the electricity bill announced, saying, “It is a normal family, several tens of yen per month. What is a high price measure?” (Sports news June 27, 2012)]

* * *

Former representative Naoto Kan, who was in charge of the anti -Restoration of Osaka, has not lost. (++)

“Mr. Suga was originally a member of the House of Representatives in Tokyo, but he wanted to be in charge of Osaka himself, and in this form, he entered it as the first speech.” In the double sense, Japan had a great deal of problem.

First of all, in Osaka, where the representative of the Meiji Restoration, the deputy representative is the mayor of Osaka, and the governor of Osaka Prefecture, the prefecture and the city are integrated to promote the plan to attract integrated resorts (IR), including casinos. “Three years ago, four years ago, even if I do a casino now, I will not be able to do it anymore. The deficit will increase.” I called.

“I think they know the two (Matsui and Yoshimura), but I can’t turn back anymore. So I’m trying to change the story.”

After presenting the opposition to the Restoration Foreign Policy as a “strong hard work”, he complained about the operation of the nuclear power plant suggested by Matsui and his colleagues.

Mr. Sugo himself was the Prime Minister at the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake, and due to the response to the nuclear accident, “The Restoration is now saying that if there is not enough electricity, even dangerous energy can be moved. Electric is a renewable energy, properly. If you do it, you can produce it. Isn’t this Osaka -based Restoration? ” (Daily Sports June 22, 2010)]

The parliamentarians are originally a representative of the people, who should speak for what the people want to say. In this way, I’m glad if you say what you want to say one after another. It was a MEW that is motivated. (@_@@.


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