“Singapore, the ticket is completed‼ ️ ”

Even though it’s still May, Fukuoka is already sweaty.

Speaking of which, last year it was in the rainy season on May 11th.

By the way, as reported last time, Singapore in June was issued on June 23 to June 27.

Originally, Fukuoka Singapore has a direct flight of Singapore Airlines, but it is still suspended at the moment, so it will be a journey from Fukuoka → Tokyo to Singapore.

I checked the award ticket for the time being, but I decided to 코인카지노 buy it in cash because there is no vacant business class.

As everyone who is already on an overseas expedition says, the ticket cost is still high.

Fukuoka → Tokyo → Singapore 360,290 yen

Considering the high hotel fee in Singapore, the total is over 500,000.

It is quite good compared to the amount before the corona.

This is the only way to dig up Singapore dollars from Sands Baccaratable.

Next month, I think you can tell the casino pattern as the title of this blog after a long absence.

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