“The second grandson was born! Also, I will do my best in the role of 18 years! (Laughs)]

Today, I received a happy news early in the morning! The second daughter was born in the second daughter! The first is a woman, this time, both mother and child are fine! Thank you for the blessing of God and thanks to your ancestors. increase!!

Two weeks earlier than the scheduled date, I was going to Brisbane and helped me, but at the end of this month!

When my wife was born, she was Brisbane from Kochi, but she arrived on September 12 (laughs).

Well, it was born safely!

With this, I have made my goal to work hard for my health for 15 to 18 years!

With my grandchildren, golf, the casino, and the goal! Somehow, I can teach golf (laughs) (laughs)

The name is Luke!


Speaking of Luke, my era is Star Wars! (Laughs) Old

Mom, LISA Dad, LOIED Lloyd, eldest daughter, Leiar rear Japanese name is Sakura!

I’m thinking about the eldest son name right now, but for now, everything has been rejected (laughs)

About 3 days ago, the reaction of the last 4 months, or for two consecutive days, I lost home! (Laughs)

I felt depressed because I was not used to losing much (laughs) Well, it is not a big loss, but it still feels bad (laughs).

Today, if you win and go home, you will have a hard oath and 크레이지슬롯 celebrate the birth of your grandchildren (laughs).

At first, a test game! I started losing, but I regained Chara !!

Next, find and prepare the losing game !!

I won the easy victory !! I will stop (laughs)

I will run away!

I will have lunch !!

Also, curry laxa !! (Laughs)

It is a memorable day! From today to the end of September, it is completely free to commemorate the birth, and we will give you a casino baccarat victory! (Laughs)

Contact line 🆔 OHYASCSNJP Tosa

Telephone search +81 0805441 3115 Japan

email address


Australia +61 0412 77 2830

Put the brake and brake. Aloy who doesn’t say foreigners …

Is that Japanese?

In the brain

Surely Narillo is automatically translated into the wrong sense …

That’s the correct US Yoshimura

At that time, Moriwaki/current OVER Racing representative Kenmasa Sato

It is an area that affirms, “With your English skills, we can’t win Zettai !!!!”

↑ OVER Racing Kenmasa Sato

In 2011,

Due to intimidation/murder notice/fraud from TSR Honda

I was fitted in a situation that was unusual,

A story that I heard directly by Takashima in the era when I served as President OVST of OVER subsidiary for a moment.

In addition, we and Takashima are not at all in Over Nitron! ! !

I’m losing my name, such as Masakazu or Kenmasa.

Where are you right? At the edge of “Choromakashiya” by lie 💢

Surely, put the brake on the quick. I think I said

The conditions for applying the brake to the quick are

By delaying the braking point

Minimize the distance of the deceleration section


There is a premise to jump to the corner at a faster speed.

To jump into the corner at a faster speed

From the front,

I need to run on a larger line R

In other words,

I will start to lay down from the front, so

The mileage from the start of the slow braking to the beginning of laying is short.

That is a quick braking.

that is,

Gatsun! It doesn’t mean braking

It means to shorten the section distance on the brake.

Create excessive deceleration G with sudden operation! I don’t mean that! ! !


At a faster speed

To run on a larger line R


Results of sleeping comfortably

Because it is naturally a front weighted operation,

Even if you release the brake

By turning G

The hard setting fork sinks firmly

That setting is the original aim,

A high load can bring out the turning properties of crushing the front tires.

Pull out the initials of the fork

If it stretches out and it is hard to stretch, it will not be meaningful because it will not bend.

By the way, how do you use the brake to run fast? It is pursuing of.

“Hard braking” is

Delay the start of braking,

In addition, the beginning of sleeping is in front of you

Operation to decelerate in a shorter distance as a result of shortening the braking distance.

Holding a brake with a gut

Stroke acceleration is faster

Pressure damper

It worked more rapidly than necessary

With a damper lock

The roadside follow -up is reduced and the tires are easier to lock,

It is the most important operation because you can not decelerate at a short distance.

Similarly, the rear is not good.

Because when the rear floats

Including the engine,

A moment of inertia in the direction that floats throughout the car is generated

Because the load that presses the front tire against the road is reduced and the grip power is reduced.

However, by transcendental hard braking

I used up the folk stroke,

In a situation where the machine cannot be laid down

Conversely, hold the front brake more strongly,

By dare to float the rear

Drain from the front while decelerating more strongly,

There is a transcendental SPL technique of creating a margin of folk stroke.

#93 Marquez enters the corner

Pokon! When

I think that it is a intentional operation aimed at ↑ that can float the rear.

It’s not that you lose control

With ultra -precision operation

It is thought that the rear is floating with the aim of extracting the appropriate amount.

So the brake is quick.

Alternatively, compress the braking section.

The expression is

It means to reduce the deceleration section as much as possible and shorten it.

Put the brake and brake

Dare to reduce the speed as much as the machine is unstable. It doesn’t mean.

If you drop the speed greatly,

The turning G decreases, and the front does not sink anyway.

In other words, it doesn’t turn.

Stop with the brake because it doesn’t turn.

The front desk will not sink more and more, and it will not bend, and it will be slow.

If you can bend faster

In the first place, it does not have to slow down with a brake.


I jumped into the corner with a large line R to the corner,

Only in front of the clip

For a moment, hang the front brake.

Or, bend with throttle off for a moment

From the clip, it is the fastest to open the machine immediately.

To do that

It is necessary to set up the front desk that does not escape even with an ultra -high load from the full acceleration turning.

It is inevitably a hard front.

In other words, with a hard fork setting,

The rider is actively “bending”.

this is,

With a racing cart without front brake,

The image of deceleration and turning at the same time with the resistance of cutting the steering to in.


Is it easy to understand?

↑, by performing deceleration and turning at the same time

The deceleration section is minimal “compress”

It is a true “cornering brake” represented by King Kenny.

#93 Marc Marquez is

Even the direction of the dirt truck,

Because the front is cut to the in,

Even on any road surface, you have the ability to use true cornering brakes …

In the deceleration turning state due to this turning resistance,

The lighter rear


By sliding ultrasal

The engine crank axis

Keep the ideal line without drifting,

The back is slightly outside the engine,

Because the front is in the inside

Kenny called “slide running method” to create an ideal turning state.

At this time, the rear is in a light load

Even if you keep a tight line, the load on the rear tire edge is low,

The front is

Because the front is naturally inside,

It becomes a turning that does not depend on the grip of the front tire,

Like the rear, the load on the tire edge is considered to be low.

This is never a drift

More than when grip the front and rear tires

It is the ultimate technique to use in which state with the most highly transmitted slip rate of 7%.

And already in the first half of the 1990s

In the heyday of Wayne Rainy and Kevin Schwantz

Certainly, there is no C/S magazine now

In the column of the NGK racing service,

World GP500

It is an era in which the steering wheel is turned off like a four -wheeled wheel. I remember that it was written.

That is due to the turning resistance of the front tire

Do deceleration and turning at the same time,

It’s a true cornering brake,

The latest MOTOGP

The style of stretching the elbow is

To cut the handle more aggressively,

The latest fork setting is a direction that matches the riding method.

Of course, even if it is a hard front

It is a premise that the front and rear balance is balanced.

With a hard and well -bent front,

If it is a soft rear combination,

On the front axis

The rear is swayed out

in the end,

Because the rear pushes the front,

The rear is not too soft

Without spin mode,

It is necessary to make the balance a little well -balanced.

For example, English and Japanese,

Be careful as the meaning is reversed even if you translate correctly.

The road is loaded.

Japan is on the left side, and the United States and other foreign countries are usually on the right.

But it’s reverse ❤ This is a joke

“Don’t You Need One More Cofee?”

Do you need another cup of coffee?

I was asked

If you say “YES !!!”, you don’t need coffee anymore

In Japanese,

Do you need another cup of coffee?

I was asked

yes. If you say that, you’ll get another cup,

No. If you say, are you sorry?

At first glance, translate correctly

The meaning is intended, and the meaning is actually the opposite.

How to capture things

The opposite is the opposite between Japanese and foreigners. Ikuiku! And, COME! The difference is ❤ Love

Kenny Lobaht

“Road racing technique”

After serving as a Japanese agency in the United States Racetech

If you read it back,

Ah, σ ( ̄ □  ̄)! Surprised! ! !


The direct Japanese sentence written in the book

“Former English” can be guessed,

The original meaning is by translation

Shock when you notice that it is completely opposite! ! !

In fact, King Kenny

Looking at the video of the 1978-1980 championship era,

The brake is

Gatsun! Instead of holding

It’s very smooth so as not to take unnecessary behavior,

From the fast entry speed of the machine,

I’m so smoothly sleeping,

I haven’t defeated it all at once

The line is also

Don’t bend at a stretch after going straight to the corner

From before the corner

At first glance, it looks tight

In fact, it is a very large line, and it is spinning slowly,

Wide open from its high entry speed,

Unnecessarily out, without harassing

More than the rivals of the time, Barry scene

It is a tight and straight line, standing up to extend forward.

This is

The correct meaning is “slow -in defasted out” and “out -in”.


From the front, at a faster speed,

To turn with a tight and large line

You need a fairly hard fork that matches the very strong G.

In the 1990s, when I was a TZ rider,

Work hard,

Despite reading Kenny’s technique book,

What Kenny was saying

I was shocked by myself who was doing the opposite …

And the literal translation in Japanese

The wrong recognition is the common sense of Japan’s two -wheeled race world …

Even if the translation is correct

Alimas that the meaning is reversed. Soro is a cultural Nari

Indian Lie Hao

[Hereafter, postscript latest @ 2022/09/02]

By the way, “Hao” is not an Indian language.

The white people who met the Indian

Be sure to say hello to “How are you”

For Indians

Because it sounds “Hao”

When you meet white people

Indians also began to say hello to “Hao”

Next time

Indians will always say hello to Hao, so

White people

As a result that “Hao” came to think that it was an Indian greeting

With Indian

White greetings were standardized as “Hao” …

what? This mysterious infinite loop www

Is this the correct standardization process? Tell me erotic people www

Here in the world

Is it standardized like ↑?

Is it a synthetic error?

for example,

Graduated from Kanazawa Futsui High School

Final educational background = high school graduate, Takashima

Recruit employee who was enrolled as a regular employee on 1988-1994.

Recruit case,

And in the headwind of the collapse of the bubble burst

At Recruit Nagoya Branch

He served as a marketing planning person

At the time, when I was in charge of a very scary and gentle business partner in the Railway Kankkei in the Tokai area,

He got a medium motorcycle license at the age of 19

Teamyds Purchased the back exhaust type of ’89TZR250/3MA in Yamaha,

After that, at Teamyds Yamaha

Tuned to a crunchy super peaky engine

He started motocrastration with used ’88YZ250 Kai

From the doctor in 1992

The year after the crushing of the bone crushing that was once declared under the knee,

The first year of his full -season racing activities

In 1993

He ranked second in the series ranking in the West Japan Championship Novice GP250

I’m Takashima

“Far from racing experience, no social experience, nerd nerd neat kids”


As a result of the TSR Honda flowing the lie of the lie

He fled the rumor

The TSR Honda itself is brainwashed more than anyone else,

Deeping Takashima

To me and us

As a result of relentless harassment/business obstruction/killing notice for 20 years

2022/June, his company

Like some blue racing teams that have become squirming to sell

From my house

I haven’t done anything about TSR Honda,

They are,

For their convenience

For them only

“I think it’s good”

It is now as of 2022 as a result of continuing to harass my house.

Is it Tokun -kun?

In fact, the rumor that is unbelievable, endlessly flushed,

Events that feel the danger of themselves also happen repeatedly

However, it is stated that neither the police nor the prosecutor or the government will respond.

About Takashima and our company

Being deceived by “factless rumor”

With Takashima,

Those who have been involved in the harassment of us

Destroy your own life one after another

Because I have been shown the reality that is becoming unhappy without permission,

I am Takashima.

Despite having nothing to do with those who harass me

Don’t be unhappy anymore

This blog is writing as a result of the responsibility to state that rumor is not true.

In other words, harassment from TSR Honda created this blog.

Synthetic error. That means that means.

Ah! I remembered so.

Previously, 2010 was fulfilled

User team of our FFOS micro cartridge

Immediately after GTMM (GMD Kobe + Osaka Mercury) marks the fastest lap

From TSR Masakazu Fujii’s surroundings

“FFOS hydraulic damper technology is

Because the military can be converted to the accuracy of the cannon, such as increasing the accuracy of the cannon

China and North Korean craftsmanship

Since you are aiming for you, please say hello to TSR Masakazu Fujii and protect it.

If you do not say hello to TSR Masakazu Fujii, you will be killed. “

I got a phone call

I am Takashima.

“Eh? TSR Masakazu Fujii is a monk in North Korea 893? I 온라인카지노 don’t know what it means …”

“The seven light of 893 Daddy, appointed by Soichiro, seems to be great at the front of all perennial qualifying.”

I thought so,

With Takashima

Our FactoryFlatout is

Currently in the world rank 2nd place in Mie Super Cub Sales TSR

It is “Supposan -Dobayaza” without representation rights.

The world -famous “perennial qualifying” in the world’s two -wheeled race industry,

— In other words, he is a world champion in the fallen qualifying! Man among men? Kaku (explosion) —

For TSR Masakazu Fujii, we will not divert our technology for any purpose.

Yamagami Tetsuya -like shooting and retaliation,

Military diversion for the third country to invade Japan,

In other words other than the original purpose

Please be assured that there is no possibility of using our FFOS technology.

The technology of our FFOS full tuning is

Customers who love motorcycles only exist for everyone ❤

And the self -destruction phenomenon like TSR Honda is

I used to sell the British pound

Won the British government,

It will be a recursion that investor George Soros says …

Soros, who was aiming to be a philosopher when he was young

Based on recursion theory

He succeeded because he could foresee the bubble and collapse in advance …

Maybe the philosopher is the strongest guy ❤

It may be the same as the Heike Monogatari, which writes the inconsistency.

The voice of the bell of Gion Seisha, the sound of various performances.

The color of the flower of Sarah, the color of the prosperity, is the essence of the prosperity.

Nobody can do it for a long time, just like a spring night dream.

The fierce people are finally ragged, and the dust in front of the wind is unbalanced.

By the way, around noon 2022/09/01 At the Mie Prefectural Police’s Shirako station square office

With Takashima

To us

Regarding harassment and murder notice from TSR Honda

When I was consulting the damage

“Staff of public institutions including police

I also know that Takashima is a rumor that makes me Sakakibara Cate. “

I told you

With the elbow

The young female police officer who was listening to me diagonally

In the middle of the story, she suddenly was so high

She declared, “I will not talk from here! Please take it.”


“I don’t know that, isn’t it? !!!”

While shouting repeatedly

She forcibly driven me out of the service station, so

The next day 2022/09/02 in the morning

She went to complain to Shirako Station in this case to complain to Shirako Station.

Next time

The female police officer and her boss’s male police officer together

“What are you coming to me?”

“Don’t come here again,” she said.

While intimidating me


Abuse me Takashima


Without hearing about Takashima who came to the damage consultation

I was very surprised because I was kicked out of the paid station again σ ( ̄ □  ̄)!

Isn’t this a serious abandonment?

And is the fact that this kind of response is the evidence that it has adhered to the outside?

Surely, in Takashima

I guess there are “big hidden things” and “inconvenient truth” that I definitely want to be known.

To such an unreliable bad police officer

I can’t do any damage consultation, so we won’t ask you again.

Such an unusual reaction


If you compare it to a suspect

If you clearly ask the core of the crime facts

The suspect,

Suddenly, the same physiological reaction that is going to be overgight and reverse and repeatedly repaired … The star is a star.


A network that systematically conceals evil

The fact that exists in the organization on the interrogation side is exposed under the sunshine …

The action/reaction of mole hitting is

Because it is a physical power, I can’t control it myself …

TSR Masakazu Fujii,

Because the backing that can be used for the operative has been lost

The mole is

I’m desperately hiding my head and hiding my ass to dive, isn’t it?

Rider/mechanic, engineers.

The error and recursion of synthesis are

I also work for a motorcycle suspension

This point is instinct

And if you can understand it intuitively with your body, you can become a legend.

Avoid synthetic errors

When the total balance is in a good state, the good recursion works.

That is the ideal state in which the tire grip is raised as the attack is attacked.

By impressions from customers

Feedback loop,

Infinity ∞ evolution that creates permanent recursion = FFOS full tune ❤

To everyone

It evolves everywhere

Only FFOS Full Tune! I want you to experience the joy and excitement of

Frequency Flexible Optimized Suspensions

・ Frequency frequency and frequency

・ Flexible flexible, flexible, supple

・ Optimized optimized

・ SUSPENSIONS suspension


Hiroshi Takashima